The people in canada likes the Latino americans?

Hi.. I'm from Colombia and the next year I go to Canada,

Can you tell me how is the people in canada...

If you are canadian , as it carries with immigrants

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  • Mike K
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    8 years ago
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    1) Yes we do as there are not the problems nor the numbers that the USA has. Canadians travelling to Latin America are treated very well there and hence have a positive impression.

    2) You may hear that this country has put travel restrictions on Mexicans. This was because there were well over 30,000 within one year coming into Canada as tourists then claiming refugee status. Of these one or two out of ten are accepted as legitimate but the others not since they are caught lying or cannot produce evidence for their claims It costs the government 30,000.00 US to process each claimant initially and they have to give them free social security and medical benefits at the cost of our tax payers.

    3) Colombian girls are really popular here and many guys I know would like that a whole lot more come here to Canada and ship some of our women down there.


    Michael Kelly

    Source(s): Tengo una esposa mexicana y tenia una novia colombiana en el pasado.
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