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I'm vegetarian? Getting a blood test in a few days?

I have been a vegetarian for 9 months and in a few days I need to get a blood test., to make sure I'm not lacking anything. Is there a need? Because I eat fish,and veggie hotdogs (tofu) , veggie chicken nuggets and burgers also? (I eat more but that's just a few things) also, if I'm having (ex) chicken noodle soup, and there is a small amount of chicken in it, I won't bother to pick it out, because the pieces are small......so do u think I should get a blood test? Or do u think I'm just fine? I feel normal and regularly eat vitamins also.

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    Hi there,

    A blood test can't hurt to make sure everything is fine but if your not feeling different its not a necessity. I always recommend to my clients they get a general check up and blood test every year or so to make sure there's no surprises later on.

    It's common for vegetarians to suffer from lower iron levels as the iron you get from meat (particularly red meat) assists in the absorption of plant based iron which is not absorbed as effectively. Vitamin and mineral pills and iron supplements use the plant source of iron which is partly why they have limited effect on increasing iron levels.

    Some vegetarians may be deficient in calcium also. It depends on how devout you are.

    Hope this helps

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    one thing you might miss is iron, depends on the greens you eat or supplements you take

    I am sure there could be other things

    blood test doesn't hurt and will only help, by letting you know you are doing a good job or letting you know what you need to work on

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