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"YOLO:" How do you know? And even so, is it really any excuse to do dumb things?

Because you only live once, IF you only live once (I'm rather agnostic on the matter), then shouldn't you try to prolong this existence instead of doing dangerous nonsense or wasting your time doing useless things that only harm you?

I've had people saying that they were going to give their teacher the finger at the end of the year, because YOLO.

I've had people saying that they were going to have condomless s e x, because YOLO.

And just the most insignificant, irritating things, like you wouldn't believe. How on earth did it become so...popular?

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    Yes! Exactly! In my culture we believe in reincarnation and karma. Sooooo drake's gone and f@cked up his next few lives.

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    Good question. What I really think is odd is the "I'll give the teacher the finger... At the end of the year" if you truely live by YOLO you would flip off someone whenever you felt like it. But it's just a way to live your life fad.

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    YOLO is a phrase used to highschool dropouts to justify partying every day and acting like a dumbass.YOLO is a phrase that makes it so people don't have to assume personal responsibility.

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    People who use "YOLO" are idiots.

    If anything, the fact that we only live once should encourage us to treat each other and ourselves well, and get it right the FIRST ******* TIME!

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  • 8 years ago

    I wouldn't let this get to you if I was you, YOLO is just Internet kids stuff. You'll be fine.

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    8 years ago

    I think people are making a big deal out of it. I don't take it seriously. Just something teenagers like to say until people get tired of it. Like "swag"

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