please help, im desperate and will do anything to know!!!!?

okay so i really like this guy and i think hes starting to like this girl thats in one of our classes (were in highschool), but i thought he was starting to like me, so how can u tell if a guys likes you without asking him?

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  • J T
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    8 years ago
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    You can't. Guys in high school are easily swayed - they'll go for the most attractive girl that they can get with the least effort.

    If that other girl is making herself very open to him and being very suggestive, then she's winning him over. Basically she's doing all the work, so he doesn't have to.

    If the guy was starting to like you, but lost interest, it's probably because you didn't make yourself as open to him as the other girl. You should have locked him up and swept him off his feet, not go at it slow and have him chase you. Too much effort for him when he could go for easier.

  • 8 years ago

    The flat answer is, you can't. Guys work in different ways. Some talk to and try to impress girls they like and some don't act on it at all. Some even treat girls they like like dirt to prove to others that they don't like them. My point is this, guys work in mysterious (and often different) ways. There is no y = Guy + x / 85 * 2 formula to work it out with. If there is a guy that you are interested in and you can see that he isn't one to go around talking to girls, YOU have to talk to HIM. Flirting is always great. If he thinks you like him and he thinks you're reasonably attractive with a good personality, it boosts the chances of him asking you out by A SIGNIFICANT AMOUNT, ESPECIALLY IF HE GETS VERY LITTLE FEMALE ATTENTION. In short, if it's meant to be, it will be. If he doesn't seem to be interested in talking to you, get him interested by talking to him. If all of this is impossible for you, you'll just have to hope and pray that it happens.

    Source(s): My pathetic, relationshipless life.
  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    That's tricky. Why not ask him straight up? Guys really appreciate a girl with confidence who is willing to ask for what she wants. If you absolutely can't ask him if he's interested in you, ask him what he see's in the other girl. He will either say that there is nothing there with her or that he really likes her. Make your move accordingly.

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