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Why is Maurice Richard referred to as.....?

Why is Maurice Richard known as "the man who stood up for his country and brought a national sport into the world"? How did he do this?

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    You should see Maurice Richard (film) and you will understand how he stood up . The film depicts an era widely considered a cornerstone of the NHL's history. It shows the life of 'The Rocket' beginning with his years as a teenager, his ascension to the Montreal Canadiens, up to the Richard Riot, showing a full spectrum of Richard's career. It ends the year before Richard brought Montréal to an unrivaled record of five Stanley Cup Championships in a row.

    The film begins as the Canadiens coach argues for continuing the hockey game even though the Richard Riot is occurring. The film then rolls to Maurice laboring as a teenager. Maurice later plays hockey for a minor league and soon tries out for the Canadiens. He tries out and makes it on the team. Maurice scores several goals but is injured early in his first season. People begin to call Maurice a lemon and a waste of money. Maurice recovers from his injury but is asked to sit out. Later he and his wife receive a baby girl who weighs 9 pounds (4 kg). Maurice goes to his coach and asks to exchange the number 15 for the number 9. Maurice will continue to play and breaks the record of 44 goals in one season. In a game with the New York Rangers, he encounters Bob Dill, a player sent out to attack Maurice to prevent him from beating the record. Maurice however, takes out Dill.

    As the movie proceeds, other players attempt to take out Maurice but Maurice fights back. At one point Maurice is tripped and is required to have stitches. Maurice receives the stitches but continues playing near the end of the game and scores the game-winning goal. Later on, a referee grabs Maurice and allows the other hockey player to hit him; Maurice retaliates by hitting the referee. He is given a penalty denying him from playing for the rest of the season and the play offs and the Richard Riot begins. Maurice gives a speech to Montréal telling that he won't give up and will return next year. The movie shows a few goals from the real Maurice Richard. The film ends as Maurice walks out the stadium with a message that says "Maurice played for 5 more years" and "During which, he won 5 Stanley Cups in a row. Maurice Richard Film ------------ Maurice Richard

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    I have a problem with this statement. Richard's country was Canada and he didn't stand up for it. In 1944-45 there were 80 players from the NHL in uniform during the Second World War. Which uniform did Richard wear? the Canadiens of course scored 50 goals in 50 games too. Became a hero. Where were Turk Broda, Syl Apps, and Frank Brimsek? In uniform of course.

    So saying that Richard did anything for his country bristles, especially in November.


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