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For more power out of my 87 gmc serria, should i buy v8 or mod the v6 thats in it? and which is cheaper to do?

i have a standard v6 gmc serria that i got for free but it looks horrible (paint fade, rust, old tires and rims, real beater) but i like that :p I want to keep it looking this way but drop in or mod the engine just so i can get a little more horsie's

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    Drop a 350 in it. Still enough of these trucks around (especially the suburbans from '87-91) that the parts will be there for the swap.

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    Well it would be cheaper to Mod the engine that is with it since you wont have to buy another engine. Drawback is not as powerful as the V8. Other thing is, if your going to Mod it out, you might as well replace the engine with the V8. Redo the engine from top to bottom. Take it to a performance shop & let them do their magic on it & check the block to make sure it can hold up to the increase in HP. May think about a block designed for the huge HP increase!!!!!!

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    future rat rod hmm.first spray the rust with clear coat,now read about kmember,and crossmembers needed before you can do the v8 all means do the swap,but find a donor you can use or modify most of the systems.

  • auto m
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    I am all in keep it original

    check with these guys they like to rework older car and truck / Vintage

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