How to get a job as leasehand at an oil rig?


I would like to work as a leasehand at an oil rig.

Do you know how I can get one of those jobs? Should I drive to Fort McMurray/Fort Nelson/Fort St. John/Fort St. James (and so on) or should I visit the main companies in Calgary?

Do you know any other places (like FortMc where the work is done - I think - or Calgary where the 'office work' is done)

Please don't mind my misspellings or grammatical mistakes - I'm from Germany.

If you have any other information I would be very happy to read it!

Thank you so much


Write an application.. great idea! My question is more like: where should I applicate? In the cities where the work is done (like FortMc, Fort St John etc.) or in/near Calgary, where a lot of corporations have their headquarters)

Can you recommend something? Any general tips?

Thanks again

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  • 8 years ago
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    fill out an applicaion.

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