Moving from Brazil...?

By this time next year, I'll be getting my degree in environmental engineering.

I live in Brazil, and I'm thinking about cutting down on expenses and saving as much money as I can for 3 years or so, and then moving to Canada. But I have some questions;

- Will it be possible to get a job as an environmental engineer, since I got my degree in Brazil?

- If not, is there any way to "validate" my degree there?

- If not not. What's the minimum wage in Canada (I know it depends on the province, but I want the average)? Is it possible to live "the good life" with it?

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  • Ruth
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    7 years ago
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    Do you understand that there are close to one million other people ahead of you in line? Do you also understand that applications for immigration under the skilled worker category are no longer being accepted until immigration officials can work through the hugely enormous backlog of current applications?

    Asking about the minimum wage is futile since it varies by province as do things like living expenses. No one who earns minimum wage here lives "the good life" and if you think that Canada is a country flowing with milk and honey and free everything to just anyone who comes by, you're sadly mistaken. We have hundreds of thousands of unemployed/underemployed citizens who will be offered what few jobs there may be long before you will.

    That said, a degree in environmental engineering is a good start. You will require a job offer from a Canadian company and that company would have to prove to the government that there are no qualified Canadians for whatever job there may be. In this economic climate, I doubt that any company will want or need to spend the time and money to do that.

    Your best bet would be to stay where you are, work there for a few years, acquire enough experience and then think about whether you would want to see if you qualify to apply to immigrate. Finally, even if you did qualify, the process will take a number of years.

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  • 4 years ago

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