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What will Yankees do now?The U.S. falls off the list of the Legatum Institute's most prosperous countries.?

It seems like most Americans exude a weird kind of superiority -like they are the "best thing since sliced bread"even when they are visiting another country, Now it would really appear that the attitude should change. Do you think it will?

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    America was once a God fearing nation. Prayer was taken out of school,

    laws were passed that went against the principles of the Bible, God said

    whoever blesses Israel they would be blessed, and whoever curses Israel

    would be cursed. America wanted God out of their lives and like a gentleman

    He has stepped aside. So called christians has reelected a President that

    doesn't uphold morality. How a christian could choose Obama over the

    word of God, I do not know. God said if He's people (christians) would humble themselves and

    pray that He would heal the land. Remember pride goes before destruction.

  • 8 years ago

    For the benefit of those who haven't seen the results being talked about ... see the link.

    Note that "prosperity" is defined somewhat broadly ... it's a whole series of factors (not simply economic) that collectively make up the rating. That said, the US ranks 12 th dropping several places since the last survey.

    Countries like Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Canada, Australia, NZ all came in the top 10 ... reflecting the common result from numerous polls / studies that countries other than the US are considered preferable places to live.

    Most Americans -- believing the line that the US is #1 in just about everything -- will laugh at the results. The fact is that while the US is a fine place for the rich, overall the US ranks well down internationally on many social critieria (e.g. health care outcomes, education, likelihood of getting ahead ... all three areas where most Americans believe the US is best). On the other hand it ranks at or near the top on some damning ones (e.g. per capita health care costs (#1), military spending (#1), % of the population in prison (#1), gun related deaths in developed countries (#1).

    However, turning to your question ... while President Obama gave a rousing speech in accepting the Presidency ... his remarks will only serve to perpetuate the myth of American exceptionalism. Even he repeated the lie that numerous studies have shown .. the chances of a poor person getting ahead in the US is worse than in many other countries (including Canada). It's highly unlikely that anything will change as a result of the Legatum report ... any more than after the numerous other polls, studies and reports making more or less the same points. Americans have believed their own lies for so long it will take something major to shake up the belief they are Number 1.

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    With Welfare being the number 1 federal expense it is safe and correct to call America a welfare state. It is quickly becoming a 3rd world nation. Look at the east coast and what is going on there after hurricane Sandy. Looting, killing, crapping in apartment halls, people are acting like animals. The US is bankrupt and when the dollar collapses and there are no more EBT cards or welfare checks, this attitude will run rampant throughout the US. This is not unexpected though. Like they say, you can't have a first world nation with a third world population. Obama is an enabler of 3rd world ideals.

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    Normally I would call you some choice names,

    but since we have elected idiot and chief again 0bama you may be on to something. My party is the ones with grownup ideas and thoughts, but the party of Santa Claus now rules.

    Don't look for any ideas out of Washington other then brain dead ones.

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