Is there any part of liberal ideology that doesn't involve theft or promoting immorality?


Feel free to list specific items

Please omit your silly comments about home-schooling.

Update 2:

@ LOL - feel free to explain why any part of your agenda doesn't involve theft or immorality?

Update 3:

@ El Patron - Let's look at those items closely

Women's rights? You meant the right to vote? Or do you mean the right of women to kill babies and make other people pay for their immotrality once they have babies? Hm, I would call that both immoral and theft.

Civil rights for all was actually a republican ideal. Democrats fought against it. Oops another failure? Perhaps you mean slowing the economy with taxation so you can cause more poverty and buy votes fromthe people you hurt by slowing the economy? I would call tghat both immorality and theft.

By protection of the environment, do you mean eliminating private property rights and giving money to green energy producers who produce no energy? Theft and immorality once again.

You want "provision by the government of social services, such as: equal education opportunities" First of all, the government isn't providing public education. You again want to steal money, although this tenet is less immoral than the ot

Update 4:

others you have mentioned. Since the government doesn't provide "access to health care, transportation infrastructure, basic food for the hungry and basic shelter for the homeless" You must want to steal that money for them. The more wealthyou steal, to fix social problems, the more poverty you will create. Immorality always has a price

Update 5:

@ LOL - Think about what you have just said - If everyone is allowed to have their own separate individual and idiosyncratic morality. There is no morality at all. There can be no stronger argument for my thesis.

Update 6:

@ Jimbo - You say they don't set out to do evil? MR (LOLOL) proves they don't have any moral distinction between right and wrong. Consider how frightening that is. Consider how damaging that is to children.

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  • 8 years ago
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    I'm not reading your other answers as I hate the idea of what others might say, with cruelty.

    Cruelty seems to be the name of the game with these people. Their attitudes are "we won, get over it". We are supposed to just shut up and change our minds to conform with them now. There hasn't been the spirit of compromise and yet we are just supposed to accept whatever they want. I kind of laugh at that, as roughly 50% of our population didn't vote for Obama, it was a close race and he and others must truly recognize how many think differently. I hate the mean remarks and cruel things that have been said. I have been name called and the attitude now that Obama has won a 2nd term is despicable. When I think of liberal ideology, I first think of bullies as that is exactly what they are and exactly what I have experienced. I am so depressed over how my country has changed. I have truly taken my American flag down and I don't think it will be up again, not sure I can even muster it for Veterans Day this close to the failure of my country to stand up for what is good, decent and right.

    We have a situation where manners, morality and concern for others is non-existent, sadly. People expect the "concern" to be from a government that gives handouts rather than individuals who just plain care. I have watched film on TV of the areas devastated by hurricane Sandy both in NY and NJ, the government (Obama made his photo op visit before the election) has totally let these people down. But, I wonder, where are the churches? Where are the groups of concerned citizens who are close enough to help? I'm a 6 or 7 hour ride away from Breezy Point and I keep thinking of renting a UHaul and collecting stuff to bring to these poor folks. They expect government to help, but the government has completely and utterly failed. Election over = I could care less!

    Immoral behavior such as promiscuous sex is rewarded now with free birth control and free abortions. There is always welfare for free with food stamps for those who do keep the children from their promiscuous behavior. People who are drug addicts (does anyone even care that we have a drug problem anymore?) can get free methadone, fixes and whatnot. Colorado even passed a law approving recreational marijuana.

    I'm really sad about all of this. I believe in good clean living, respecting others and helping others. I do not believe in recreational drugs as it's takes away ambition.

    I truly shake my head and wonder. Are there any good people left? Is this truly the USA? It seems like some other place in a very bad movie and not the country I have stood up and defended.

    I'm discourage, defeated, depressed. I have no idea where to turn and I sure as hell am not following the liberal agenda and approving of anything they want to do as it is a "trash" society of disgusting uncaring and immoral people. I would rather die first.

  • 8 years ago

    I can't think of ANY.

    All issues they promote support irresponsible behavior, reduce the liabilities that should be loaded onto those who cause harm, dump the cost, the hard work, and Liability on the backs of the innocent to "share" the burden, Grow Big Powerful Tyrannical Government, and suppress all that is good about Humanity and Liberty and excuse bad actions.

    They Always blame those who are not guilty for their personal irresponsible actions.

  • Golfer
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    8 years ago

    Yes the immorality of taking from the worker and giving it to the non worker and call it civil rights, when real civil rights is to teach all to work for equal pay.

    Womens rights equals non responsibility for men and women when it comes to creating a life, so the left kill the responsibility.

    Environmentalist say protection but stop production from everything to cutting off water to cutting of places that produce energy.

    The their is the idea of right and wrong, sexual immorality according to the Bible is OK while destroying a defenseless fetus is OK. The left want to play God. The say Darwin is right in his theory yet his theory says women are not as intelligent as men and non whites are inferior.

    The real thievery on the left is done to rewrite/or ignore the constitution. Example the government is never to take property from the citizens and money is property. You are never to put people in jail for owing money yet the government that is not suppose to take money from its citizens puts them in jail if they do not let the government take that property.

    All that stated by Dem Woodrow Wilson who also installed and permitted the Jim Crow laws and who is a hero to the leftest.

    It has always been the Left/democrats who have kept the blacks enslave in chains or red tape. from Jefferson/Jackson/Wilson/FDR/LBJ and it was the people on the right who have defended the black people from Adams to Lincoln to Eisenhower.

    The left create the social problems but always work the problem while the right try to fix the problem but the left can't let them fix the problem or they would lose their base.

    So Satan comes to steal kill and destroy and the left TRY to kill progress, steal others wealth and the do destroy lives mostly minorities.

  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    I don't think that liberals set out to do the bad things. Their political and social philosophy is slanted toward being "feeling based." IE, they promote ideas that look good on the surface (nice to do, feel good to do)), but in reality often do NOT work. - a caretaker national government, socialism, top (fed) to down (private sector) economics, etc. I did not read Glenn Beck's book, "Arguing with Idiots" (assume liberals), but no doubt one of the the main themes would be that you really "CAN'T ARGUE" with them because cons and liberals come from mostly opposite premises. "Feeling" based as opposed to "rationally" based - "do what has actually worked in the past - or at least what has the best chance of working!

    Source(s): Reality - Awareness of!
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  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    lets look at all the moral things about liberals

    women's rights

    civil rights for all

    protection of the environment, and the provision by the government of social services, such as: equal education opportunities, access to health care, transportation infrastructure, basic food for the hungry and basic shelter for the homeless

    funny how some of you conservatives follow some of the liberal ideology along with libertarians

  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    Just because you think something is immoral doesn't mean I do. Stop pushing your beliefs on me.

  • 8 years ago

    Please feel free to list specific items. I don't need to be on the defensive with you. But please keep in mind that morality means different things to different people. Kind of hard to legislate something so vast in scope.

    Frankly, these days, most of what happens in banking is immoral but not illegal so you are skating on thin ice, friend.

    I suggest you wake up and look around with new eyes not clouded with religious zealotry.

  • Anonymous
    8 years ago


    That's their whole purpose.

    They want handouts and buttsex for everyone. And abortions.

  • The conservative belief that liberals want wealth equality is a self-induced hallucination. Liberals want a true equality of opportunity.

    The conservative philosophy of government was best stated by President Coolidge: “The chief business of the American people is business.” He was wrong. The business of our nation is exactly and only that found in the preamble to our Constitution: “to... promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessing of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity.”

    Times change but the Founding Liberals can’t change with them. They wrote what they wrote, and the most important word in the preamble to the Constitution is “Posterity”. The Founding Liberals understood why we are here on Earth: survival of the species is the motivating force of life.

    A nation without a thriving young generation faces its doom. Care of the young is the highest priority of all the creatures on earth - except Conservatives. Care of our young must not end at birth. Post-natal care must also be the highest priority of federal, state, and local government.

    Government must provide children with health care, education, and homes in a secure neighborhood. Children, from conception through university, must get all the health care, food, shelter, and play they need and as much education as they can absorb. Care of the young is a civilization’s wisest investment.

    A thriving young generation must include all children regardless of the wealth or poverty of their homes. Providing excellent care only for children of the rich will not produce enough brilliant leaders in technology, industry, and government. If you want all the cream, you have to milk all the cows. (Ninety-nine percent of all discoveries are found by one percent of all scientists.) A level playing field and equal opportunity from the moment of conception are the liberal’s core beliefs.

    The health, education, and shelter of the young are more important than the leisure activity of the rich. Tax the tax havens! Eliminate tax-free municipal bonds and loop-holes for hedge-fund managers and their money-changing brethren in the temple!

    Support for children by local taxes inevitably results in deprived areas, from Watts to Mississippi. To be equitably distributed, care of the young must be financed by progressive federal taxation. Commensurate with their means, all Americans, together as one, must share the load. Fairness and cooperation are the liberal’s core beliefs.

    Conservatives hold the opposite view. They believe children should be rewarded or punished depending on how well or how poorly they choose their parents. They want the care of the young to be financed by local taxes so that school quality varies with class and so that science education is stunted by fundamentalist school boards. Is it a wonder that, according to the National Academy of Sciences report, while half of GDP growth depends on technology, the US is rated 48th in science and math education?

    Instead of taxing wealthy estates, consisting mostly of untaxed capital gains and municipal bond interest, conservatives would endow the least productive segment of society: children of the rich. Since Congress can be bought, wealth is power and inherited wealth is inherited power, aristocracy, the exact opposite of democracy, the exact opposite of meritocracy. This is dishonesty and corruption. Conservatism is a crime against Nature.

    The human race succeeded only because evolution gave it enough intelligence to understand the value of community: the solidarity of the clan, the tribe, and larger groups that does not exist among other primates. We succeeded only because we took care of each other through fire and flood.

    Conservatives want to destroy that social solidarity. While the economic burden of disease far exceeds that of weather, does it make sense that we help communities struck by a tornado but not individuals struck by cancer? Now, Conservatives want to defund FEMA! Come hell or high water, you're on your own! Conservatism is a crime against Nature.

    Conservatives believe the tax burden should be shifted from the rich to the middle class, from capital to labor. They would create a polarized generation: a small aristocracy and a large underclass — a lost generation. Conservatism is a complete betrayal of Posterity and the Founding Liberals.

  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    and yet oddly enough the Right gets their sense of morality from a very immoral book

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