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Are you going to purchase Windows 8?

I was looking over several YouTube Videos talking about Windows 8 and its metro features.

I'm thinking of purchasing Windows 8 for my brand new computer. But from the looks of it, I don't think I'll like it.

i) It seems like Windows is trying to implement touch screen for a desktop PC. How would I use the touch screen set up on a desktop that's not using a Touch Screen?

ii) When I look at Window 8, I seem to see MORE negatives then I do with positives. I think over time I'll see the positives, but for the first few weeks, to months of using it, I think I'll probably find more negatives than positives.

iii) Windows 8 looks frustrating to use. Even without Metro being used, and Windows Explorer being used, it looks very complicated. The Start button is missing, and you have to modify so many settings to bring Windows 8 back to its "Windows 7, Vista, XP, 2000" and past styles.

iv) Windows was made to be simpler and easier to use for people who have never used Windows before. The add-on of simplicity makes it look like it's lacking so much of the settings I used to like.

Overall, I don't think I'm going to be purchasing Windows 8 for now. I don't see any positives to it, and to me it looks like more effort was put into the tablet, and touch screen device family than into Desktop PCs. I think my opinion might change in the future, but for now I'm considering/thinking about just sticking with Windows 7.

What are your opinion's? Will you be getting Windows 8? Do you agree/disagree to my comments? If so, why? Feel free to add more/put your thoughts into it.

All replies are appreciated/welcome.

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    I've been using Windows 8 exclusively since it was released and I really like it.

    Performance is improved vs 7. It starts and shuts down faster. I find it's quicker to switch between full screen games and the desktop. Everything just seems faster overall.

    The start screen works fine when using a keyboard and mouse or touch pad. I guess it would be nice to have but it isn't necessary. One thing to note is that the start screen isn't much different than the start menu. You can pin your most used programs, see all programs, and search for programs, settings, and control panels.

    Since Windows Vista, the number one way I look for anything is via start search. Anything I hadn't pinned to the taskbar I used start search to find. So if your use is like mine then you'll end up using the start screen just as little as you use the start menu now.

    On the desktop side it's any more complicated than it was in 7. Windows Explorer, called File Explorer in 8, does have a ribbon interface but it's collapsed by default. So it really doesn't look or function any different than it's predecessors.

    The idea that it's not really meant for desktops can't be further from the truth. All the new best features are for the desktop.

    It has improved security and a built in antivirus. It's possible to make a custom Refresh disk image. Normally using Refresh only saves personal files and settings. With a custom Refresh image, Windows will also restore programs from the image.

    Storage Spaces let users create a pool of storage using many different hard drives. The pool looks just like a single hard drive making it easy to organize files.

    The ribbon interface for file explorer gives options depending on the file your working with plus it's now possible to mount ISO and VHD files. If you run the Pro version of 8 you can also boot into a VHD. Say you want to test the next version of Windows or another OS. Instead of trying to shrink partitions or setup a virtual machine you can create a virtual hard drive, install the new OS, and boot right into it when you restart your PC.

    The new task manager has a startup tab where you can enable or disable programs that start at boot and it even tells you the impact each program has. No more going to msconfig for that.

    Doing multiple move/copy operations bogs down Windows 7 in both performance and the clutter of having multiple dialogs open. In 8 everything is consolidated into a single window. It's even possible to pause and resume operations.

    I could keep going on about the great stuff for desktop users but I'm probably already into TL;DR territory. I just what to emphasize that Microsoft hasn't shifted their focus entirely to tablet computers and that Windows 8 is a worth upgrade for desktop users.

    - Dominic

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    I will probably be getting windows 8. It's a relatively cheap update, and performance-wise, it's better. There isn't much to learn and it'll be great with my new windows phone. You can buy touch screens for your computers if you want. They also have touchpads. More negatives? That's all really by people's opinion. The core OS hasn't changed much. A lot of the negatives are things like "it's bad for PC gaming" which is really just an PC gaming industry uproar over Microsoft implementing a store in the OS. As If apple hadnt already done that a year ago.

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  • 7 years ago

    I think it is too soon to purchase Windows 8, It is new but I think it needs more time to show its good and bad points.

    I'm still happy with my XP and 7, I will wait for service pack 1 for Windows 8 and then I'll go for that.

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  • 7 years ago

    I have windows 8 now I first installed on a VM and liked it, i wanted to test out if my programs were compatible and they all are. So I brought my system live today, So far i am very happy

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    WINDOWS 8 is shitest thing ever.if you dont have win 7 buy it or if you have do not change it

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    7 years ago

    yes i have a plan with it

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