Was Georges Danton actually guilty of corruption?

He was accused of corruption by the CPS for taking bribes from foreigner and using his political position to gain wealth.

But though the primary aim of the CPS was to eliminate Danton for his political opposition of wanting to end the Terror.

However, though much of evidence was insubstancial and circumstancial, there were several incriminating pieces of evidence indicating his greed (a letter from Mirabeau talked of the transfer of 30 000 livres to his own pockets)

So... was Danton guilty of corruption to an extent (which the CPS ignored until Danton called for political amnesty) or not at all?

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  • 8 years ago
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    The great Thermadore of the French Revolution was very similar to the Thermidore of the Russian Revolution. One must note that Danton was not allowed to speak in his own defense to answer the charges. In the Russian situation the same thing happened ie. great heroes of the Revolition like Nicholai Bukharin were sharply accused of the same crimes and then carried off - not allowed to speak in their own defense. Corruption? I doubt there was any serious corruption - at least not the damaging traitorous sort of corruption he was accused of... My feeling is there is a reason for keeping Danton from speaking. Danton's cellmate was Thomas Payne, and as Danton was carried away he shouted 'You'll be next!' to those who would listen. Incidentally Thomas Payne was in a sense released through 'bribery' and 'corruption' so it was in a sense a crime in the very air all over the place selectively enforced and greatly exaggeratted to serve the interests of those pulling the strings...

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