If a girl gets shy and nervous around you, do you suspect she likes you?

I am normally a pretty friendly person, I think most people would describe me as easy going and easy to talk to. But as soon as i develop feelings for a guy, or just find a guy attractive right from the start, I get very nervous and I become significantly shyer, and I will still talk to them, but I'm definitely a bit fidgety and nervous and more soft spoken. It's just how I react when I like a guy, it takes a bit of time to overcome it.

Do you think he would suspect I like him from this? Especially if he's seen how friendly and more talkative I can be with other people? Is the shyness the appears when it's just the two of us a giveaway?

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  • 8 years ago
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    SAME HERE!!! and sometimes it kinda stinks! because i will be having fun with other guys but when it comes to him im just like "meep"

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