I REALLY like this guy?

Hi, I'm sorry I know I'm ranting, but I jus have to say this somewhere. Like in my title, I REALLY like this guy. I have to admit that I like asians and fobby asian style and he does have that style. He's SO CUTE. Plus he can speak fluent english, is kind, has opinions and we really click. After we realized we liked eachother he went away with his parents for a month so we keep skyping each other. Now I worry that our not yet relationship isn't gnna work out? What if even though we can talk for hours together and laugh that when he comes back and we can actually be gf and bf that something doesn't work out? I'm really afraid of that. What are your thoughts? I've already known him for a few months so.... no illusion. I jus worry :/ Btw I'm 17 and he's 18.


Lol so sad. You just wanted to say yolo then automatic thumb down hehe C:

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    8 years ago
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