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How come people hate Israel so much with so little information or cause to so so?

The Palestinians attack Israel and no one says anything, but when Israel defends itself everybody is all over themselves condemning the Jews!

How come they are that afraid of Israel?

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    I don't recognize israel because can't ,They have three reason to recognize israel i tell you these reason,i'm sure you will not accept becasue you don't want to understand that you have been******!!!,

    1-they are talking about many years ago(The Emperor Hadrian)and muslim attacking Jews if this is our reason,Zoroastrians must attack iran because they have already been in iran,they don't have an independent country and their lower population is not the reason for the lack of independent,Kurds & Torks in the Middle East region should be independent country becasue they have been each other or afghan and tajikistan and iran must be one and iran must lose Kords&Torks&Arab becasue they have not been for iran,and many examples like these that a tribe or religion was living in a country like spania and native (indian) america.Why doesn't america arm Zoroastrian,Kurds and Turks till they return to their land and have an independent country,Why doesn't america arm Tibetans and the Catalanians and Basque?Why doesn't america arm indian(reds) because they have been in america first like jews in Israel?,Indians are not independent,

    2-they talked about Torah that God has promised to them there,The first issue is that Torah is distorted like most of the holy books such as the Koran and the Bible(It's not insulting or racist),The second issue is that in Koran God has promised to Muslims all over the world.Koran says Religion with Allah is Islam and muslims will inherit the earth,Must muslims unite to destroy the world?Should the ppl who live now become victims of oppressions fathers,Must jews avenge muslim right now?If this is the reason we should have many war in the world,

    3-Last is Holocaust,Why for Holocaust,Jews has thrown out palestinians living area and most important of all is that why the other countries for the establishment of Israel was offered?Are there several holy land for the Jews?

    most countries, due to pressure from world powers recognized israel,(1947)

    they say israel is a democratic country,but they dont know a country can be democratic,but with the other country can behave violently it means we attack a country and be a democratic country Will Not You Laugh?,they say why are Hamas and Hezbollah terrorist group?but they dont know if israel there was not there,there was no terrorist group,

    If we must be like Israel so the whole world must be destroyed

    Source(s): They don't want to believe because will understand they had been brainwashed, They have no answer,So can just insult, They don't want to believe but it's true, I think you don't want to believe too So Never Mind and just live with your little information
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    I come from a Catholic background. I belief Christianity started the systematic dissemination of antisemitism about more than 1500 years ago. So 1/2 of the world has been indoctrinated to hate Jews the killer of Jesus. Then came the Nazis, and now Islamists who were Nazi sympathizers during WWII continue the tradition. It's a shame that humanity has this hatred embedded in their DNA. I would tell Nethanyahu do not trust Obama to protect you if you need to nuke Iran.

  • Muslims are everywhere... they spread lies, just like the 9/11 truther lies, they spread lies about Jews and Israelis. Some people believe them without even researching it. You know how muslims are... kinda like Obama, they put the blame on everyone else. They never accept the blame when they do harm/or kill innocent people. They do not mind lying. No one should believe anything they say without researching it first. Their Qur'an says it's fine to lie to infidels, like they so arrogantly call us (non muslims). Too many people are going by hear-say. They hear Israelis are bad people, and they automatically believe it, without any proof... and then pass it on to the next naive, gullible person, it never ends.

    Edit:@Rock. If Iran EVER does anything like that to Israel... Iran will be turned into glass, they will seize to exist. You can bet on it.

  • Their hatred is supernatural and satanic. Satan hates Israel because God chose Mary to provide the virgin birth of His Son and the Israelite prophets to provide the Word of God through. In addition to that God has promised that the Israelites would survive and prosper. Satan would like to wipe them all out so that he can call God "weak" and a "liar". That is why the hatred of the Jews is so intense that the haters are trying to murder them all including the last one.

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    No one is afraid of Israel ..... Israel is occupying palastinian land , attacking palistinians , stirring trouble with Iran and Syria .... i mean .... the jews killed the king of the jews JESUS BY THE WAY , so yeah , fcuk Israel.

    Plus , ZIONISM is rampant in Israel , so once again , fcuk Israel.

    I hope Iran nukes Israel , i really do , i just can`t stand this petulant ******** anymore.

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