is my mechanic ripping me off?

after an oil change, he told me that my transmission oil pan was leaking. today he took about 2 hours to get done and he didn't even replace the pan, just the gasket. he then told me to come back in a few days because it might actually be a servo cover that's leaking. I payed about 90$ CAD for just the gasket replacement today. is he ripping me off? I'm 17 years old and don't appear to know my ****. It's a ford CD4E tranny in my 2002 Mazda 626. also, has anybody replaced a servo cover on a CD4E? and is it worth taking it on myself?

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  • 8 years ago
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    Well first of all I think that the mechanic should have done his homework better than to guess that it was a gasket. When you take a car into a professional you should pay for your diagnosis, then what he says needs to be fixed. Oil leaks are a pain no doubt.. but what he should have done is steam clean the transmission, let you drive around for a while and bring it back to look.. that way you can get a good idea of exactly where its coming from.

    As far as replacing the gasket on the pan, that is what is done. I have never replaced a "pan" unless it was damaged and had a hole in it... so your mechanic was right to do that.

    I have never had to replace a servo cover though.

    BTW 90 bucks is fair for a trans gasket. Because im certain he added new fluid and most likely changed your filter while he was at it.

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