Should Texas Be Go Back To Mexico?

Would that be the best solution for those in Texas who want to secede?

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    8 years ago
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    Texas stays put but they are welcome to immigrate to Mexico is Mexico will have them.

  • 8 years ago

    Texans seem to think that they can secede if they want to because they were once an independent nation. However, when they were admitted into the UNION (remember the word) they had a clause where they could split into 5 states in the future. Texas was part of the Confederacy and lost the war with the UNION, or the United States of America, as it was then known. All treaties that any modern day Texan would try to use to secede from the United States were rendered null and void once they lost the Civil War. And make no mistake, Texas did lose the war. And if Texas tried to secede, the UNION of the UNITED STATES would attack them and destroy those silly politicians and their supporters probably by force, but certainly by cutting off the federal welfare that Texas receives every day. You see, Texas receives more money than they pay the Federal Government in taxes, if they try to secede POOF! no medicare, no social security, no federal money at all, bases would be ordered to secure weapons nucleur and otherwise. But you ask an interesting question because if Texas seceded from the USA Mexico might be tempted to annex the state because it was once part of Mexico. After all, if it is just a matter of force rather than law then could Texas fight America AND Mexico? If Texans successfully fought off Americans forces coming from outside the state and those Texans loyal to the Union, what would be left to fight off the Mexican Army?

    The best course of action for all Neo-Confederates mad at the Black Man in the White House is to drink a beer and wave the Bonnie Blue and get toasted! Watch a DVD of "Gods and Generals" and be sure not to get too toasted to miss the part where the South loses the war at the end of the movie. And while you are partying, think about the fact that IF YOU COMMITT TREASON IN AMERICA, SOMEONE WILL HAVE A TAPE OR AN EMAIL OF IT AND THE PATRIOT ACT THAT YALL SIGNED WITH YOUR TEXAN PRESIDENT BUSH IS STILL IN EFFECT AND AMERICANS WILL KILL YOU DEAD. READ THE PATRIOT ACT. NO REALLY READ IT. Look at the scandal with Patraus, they just found out about that FROM EMAILS. To secede is to committ treason to the United States of America. Don't believe me? Read the literature from the end of the Civil War. Read how Americans felt about Rebels. If Texans bring back seccession, Americans will burn Beaumont and Houston to the ground just like Atlanta. And if that don't work they will burn Dallas down too.

    Oh you got nucluer weapons at Ford Hood? You gonna secede or else use those nuclPOOF! No Ford Hood! Just black glass!

    Chill out and relax. Study the Civil--I'm sorry, The War Between the States. Read the Patriot Act. Substitute "rebel" for "terrorist". They don't even let Occupy Wall Street stay in a city park. You think they are gonna let you run off with an entire state?

    Best solution for those in Texas who want to secede: go to Colorado and get a BIG bag of weed and get very very high and have a nice vacation while reading the Patriot Act. Then go back to work and start acting like a modern Georgian or Louisianian.

    Source(s): Dear FBI, NSA, CIA, White House Drone Dept., I am speaking out against secession and for this great country. God Bless America and the brave men and women who defend it every day.
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    8 years ago

    No, we'll go back to being The Republic of Texas dufus

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