Create names tht start with these initials?

Create names with these initials. Boy and Girl names. You can add nicknames if you want too.











Here are mine.

Caedmon Richard & Charlotte Rose NN Caedmon & Lottie

Andrew Sebastian & Avonlea Sophia NN Drew & Avi

Silas Declan & Scarlett Delaney NN Si & Lettie

Levi Franklin & Lydia Fern NN Lee & Lydi

Nigel Winston & Nealia Willow NN Nigel & Lia

Benjimen Hunter & Bridgett Hailey NN Benji & Bridgett

Ewan Victor & Elizabeth Veda NN Ewie & Elli

Zachary James & Zinnia Joy NN Zach & Zinnie

Owen Tate & Olivia Tess NN Owie & Livi

Milo Oliver & Margrett Ophelia NN Milo & Macy

BQ What name of mine do like the most and which one is your least favourite.

BQ2 What are your favourite and least favourite names on your list

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    (Some of the guy names are my nerdy guilty pleasure names that I would never actually use. I just don't have a ton of guy names I like. So don't take them too seriously (or in the third one's case, too 'Sirius-ly" ;P)

    Cole Rider and Chloe Rachelle

    Anakin Simon and Aria Samantha

    Sirius Darren and Selina Dianna

    Liam Fernando and Lily Fiona

    Nathan William and Naya Willow

    Blake Harry and Bianca Haley

    Ethan......Voldemort? (Couldn't think of any V names. Sorry :S) and Emma Violet

    Zane Jason and Zoe Jill

    Oliver Todd and Odell Talia

    Micah Oliver and Mina Odell

    Favourites of yours are Zachary James and Charlotte Rose.

    Favourites of mine are either Zane Jason or Blake Harry (not a big fan of either middle name though) and Aria Samantha.

    That was fun, thanks :)

  • 6 years ago

    Caden Richard ; Charlotte Ro

    Adam Sebastian ; Athena Sophie

    Sebastian Daniel ; Savi Danielle

    Levi Finn ; Laurel Faye

    Nathan William ; Natalia Willow

    Brett Harvey ; Bethany Harley

    Eric Vincent ; Elizabeth Vivienne

    Zachary Jason ; Zoey Juliette

    Oliver Taylor ; Ophelia Tallie

    Matthew Oliver ; Maya Octavia

  • 8 years ago

    Christopher Ryan. (Chris)

    Chloe Rachel.

    Alex Steven.

    Angelina Sadie.

    Leonardo Finn. (Leo)

    Lilah Finley.

    Nehemiah Waylon.

    Noelle Whitney. (Noe)

    Byron Harper.

    Briley Hadassah.

    Ean Van.

    Elliot Valene. (Elle)

    Zeke Jeramiah.

    Zuri Jaiden.

    Odin Tatum. (Ode)

    Olive Talia. (Livy)

    Maximilian Oscar. (Max)

    Melissa Oakley. (Mel)

    1. Favorites: Levi Franklin (Lee) and Nealia Willow (Lia)

    Least Favorites: Milo Oliver and Avonlea Sophia (Avi)

    2. Favorites: Byron Harper and Angelina Sadie

    Least Favorites: Christopher Ryan (Chris) and Elliot Valene (Elle)

  • Rosie
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    8 years ago

    Charlie Rupert & Charlotte Ruby "Lola"

    Alfred Samuel "Freddie" & Ada Sophie

    Sebastian Daniel & Sadie Dorothea

    Louis Francis & Lily Francesca

    Nathaniel Wilbur & Natalie Willa

    Benjamin Harry "Benji" & Beatrice Hannah

    Edmund Vincent "Ted" & Evelyn Violet "Evie"

    Zachary James & Zoe Josephine

    Oran Thomas & Olive Theresa

    Micah Oliver & Maisy Orla

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  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    Carina Rose - Colton Rhys

    Ava Seraphina - Austin Shayne

    Savannah Daisy - Sebastian Dylan

    Lily Francesca - Liam Francis

    Noelle Willow - Noah Weston

    Bella Harlow - Brendan Henry

    Ella Violet - Elijah Vincent

    Zoey Juliet - Zachary Jacob

    Olivia Tess - Owen Trevor

    Marina Olivia - Matthew Owen

  • 8 years ago

    • Charles Ralph & Cecilia Rose "Charlie & Celia"

    • Archer Simon & Avis Seraphina "Archer & Avis"

    • Samson Dexter & Sophia Daisy "Samson & Sophie"

    • Leo Foster & Lucy Fable "Leo & Lucy"

    • Nathan Wilder & Nora Willow "Nate & Nora"

    • Brooks Holden & Blythe Hazel "Brooks & Blythe"

    • Edmund Victor & Eleanor Violet "Teddy & Eleanor"

    • Zane Julian & Zora Juliette "Zane & Zora"

    • Oliver Theodore & Opal Thisbe "Oliver & Opal"

    • Malcolm Orson & Mabel Ophelia "Mac & Mabel"

    BQ- Yours:

    Least Favorite: Nigel Winston & Nealia Willow

    Favorite: Milo Oliver & Elizabeth Veda

    BQ2- Mine:

    Least Favorite: Malcolm Orson & Opal Thisbe

    Favorite: Leo Foster & Eleanor Violet

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  • 8 years ago

    Cecily Renee & Connor Rhys "Cesy & Connor"

    Alison Sienna & Adam Stefan "Ali & Ad"

    Stephanie Delilah & Steve Damon "Effie & Steve"

    Louise Francesca & Lincoln Finley "Lo & Link"

    Natasha Willow & Nicolas William "Tasha & Nick"

    Bree Haley & Benjamin Harley "Bree & Benj"

    Evelyn Vanessa & Ethan Vincent "Evie & Ethe"

    Zoe Jemima & Zachary James "Zo & Zack"

    Olivia Tabitha & Oliver Tanner "Livvy & Oli"

    Matilda Odelia & Mason Odin "Matti & Mase"

  • 8 years ago

    I like to concentrate on the first and last names together.

    it would have helped more if i had know your last name, or at least how many syllables in your last name.

    Middle names are usually for ID only and not often used with the first name.

    I mean I know him as Barack Obama

    but I have no idea of his middle name or if he even has one!

    Charlie Rose and Charles Robert

    Angelica Susan and Anatole Simon

    Stevie Danielle and Stevie David

    Lotus Frances and Leo Francis

    Natalia Willow and Napoleon Winston

    Betty-Rose Helene and Barnaby Horatio

    Emmanuelle Verity and Emanuel Vincent

    Zali Juliet and Zak Julian

    Oriana Tigerlily and Orlando Thomas

    Marnee Olive and Max Owen

    The names I like most on your list are: Rose and Winston

    The names I like most on my list are: Juliet and Emanuel

    good luck!

  • 8 years ago

    Castiel Ryan & Cordelia Rose

    Avery Samuel & Anya Salome

    Samuel Dorian & Summer Dawn

    Lucas Finley & Liliana Faith

    Nathan William & Nimue Willow

    Brandon Hamish & Brigitte Heidi

    Edward Valerian & Evangeline Viola

    Zachary James & Zoe Juno

    Oliver Thomas & Olivia Tara

    Matthew Oliver & Madeleine Olive

    BQ: My favourite names of yours are Zachary James and Olivia Tess, and my least favourites are Caedmon Richard and Avonlea Sophia. and Zinnia Joy.

    BQ2: My favourites out of the names I chose are Matthew Oliver and Cordelia Rose, and my least favourites are Edward Valerian and Nimue Willow.

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