What do i need to open an account for td bank?

Can my older sister who is 24, open a bank with me instead of my parents?

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  • 8 years ago
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    1. While opening the accounts, banks observe KYC norms(Know Your Customers).

    2. For this purpose, the banks need documents showing identity and address of the customer/s.

    3. An account can be opened in the names of yourself and your sister. The account can be on:

    -Joint basis(both will have to sign on the cheques)

    -Either or survivor basis(Either one of you can sign on the cheques).


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    4 years ago

    in the U.S. think approximately to be 18 12 months of age to open an account in 12 months identify with any economic company and/or brokrage company, that's lined by using way of Federal regulation and settlement law. you desire a father or mother and/or mom or father to open a "Custodian" account for you applying your social protection numer. Many minors have tried to open brokerage bills on line and maximum have been caught. while caught, the account is constrained and frozen, your identify is reported to the learn producer who possibilities maximum U.S. And Canadian brokers. in case you will play interior the sport, play by using way of the guidelines.

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