So how does Paul Lambert feel now after leaving (what he thought was) the sinking ship?

Paul moved from Norwich City to Aston Villa and today:

Norwich City 1 - 0 Manchester United

Aston Villa 2 - 3 Manchester United

(last week)

Also Villa got thrashed 5-0 by Man City today.

Maybe the grass is not always greener, hey Paul. But thanks for the great work you did with the Canaries!

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  • 8 years ago
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    villa are destined for relegation this season,,,can't believe he left Norwich to join a team with no ambition and fickle supporters.

  • Ragnar
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    8 years ago

    If there was a poll on who is more likely to win a major trophy in the next ten seasons, Aston Villa or Norwich City.

    Now as a West Brom fan, I'm unbiased, but I suspect that Aston Villa would get the most votes. That eludes to the reason why Lambert left Norwich for Aston Villa.

    In other words, a much bigger picture than how he'd do against Man Utd with Villa as opposed to Norwich or to avoid a thumping off a £½billion team this season.

  • Norwich City have a better team club fans and a better manager that you'd think would of lost to them today only for the shock of his life depending on it. The Villians are going down

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