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Kpop Online audition HELP?

Okay so I did a question for kpop auditions earlier. Haven't got the chance to take any auditions yet xD

So I am planning to take online auditions (JYP, Pledis, YG, SM, TOP, TS, CJ(the cnblue.one), NH Media, Cube, J.Tunes) Correct me if the ones I listed don't take online auditions.

I am around 155cm, Taiwanese-Korean, 43-45KG, 13 Years old. I know how to play the clairnet (its my 2-3 year) and I learned ballet when I was 4 for around 1-2 years and then moved on to Jazz dance for roughly 3-6 months when I was 7. My friends are impressed with my rap and dance skills but I am not too good at singing. I have a short nose, quite small eyes, thin lips, and 'perfect' eyebrows. Which entertainment company wil most likely take me? Please answer honestly ^^ you can say none if you think I wont make it :D THANKS

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    You don't say whether you speak Korean or not, but YG doesn't not offer online auditions for English speakers. (It looks bad if you have someone else translate and then you reply in English). TS's website has been wonky and their audition e-mail says it's no longer in use. They do have an online audition, but if you are accepted they require that you then participate in the live auditions in Korea to actually be accepted as a trainee.

    If you can't speak Korean, stick to companies like JYP, SM (and though you didn't mention it, Jellyfish Entertainment and LOEN Entertainment) who have English-language audition forms and information.

    What's your singing style? (I know you're not good at that...) The company will look whether or not you'll fit their style before signing you as a trainee. Look at how the runner-ups to K-Pop star were signed/not signed. Companies offered contracts to the runner-ups based on if they thought they went with their style. CL is talented, but SM wouldn't accept her because she's just doesn't fit their company image. Taeyeon is talented, but YG wouldn't accept her because she just isn't their style. Park Jimin, the winner, chose JYP wisely because it fits her style. She can sing pop music in SM's style but her deep lungs and the way she belts it are much more suited for the ballads and R&B music she'll be singing under JYP.

    Your dance back-ground is impressive. Keep it up! I also suggest trying to enter contests through these dancing fields to beef up your resume. Can you snag a semi-prominent or prominent role in a well-known jazz production? Based on dance alone, you might have a better shot at SM who looks more at dancers. KAI was actually trained in ballet and jazz too.

    I do have to say you are a bit on the short side. However you are still growing, so no worries. Also, talent, charisma, and a few extras like your dance background or outstanding academic achievement will render this moot. (I mean 2NE1 is pretty short compared to the average girl group...)

    Good luck!

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