The legend of Armageddon begins in the middle east ,with a lot of smaller wars,is Armageddon near?

like ww2 for Hitler to get from a poor broken ex-soldier to the furor,he needed a set of circumstances to be present. for example ,a deep depression in the country(like now), a time when no other countries were willing to intervene on behalf of another country who need their help (like now) weak leadership and or leaders who were unwilling to act (like now) if Iran,North Korea etc see a weak leader they are more likely to try to get what they want.i am just putting this out there folks ..don't shoot the messenger.


there is no depression or meltdown in America? man what cave did you live in for the last 5 yrs?

Update 2:

you said America is in a economic growth and you are telling me to check my facts ?haha man are you ever living in your own planet! what unemployment went down from 8% to 7.9% during obama's campaigning and that is an economic growth?let me enlighten you America just went through a financial meltdown as they did during the great depression the only difference is the name change,how many civil wars are going on now in the middle east right now aside from the Israel vs Hamas which could be dragged into a Syrian domestic conflict which if this happens could draw Iran into a all out war with Israel and what is obama doing?photo-ops in Thailand.

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    Every generation of Christians have seen themselves as inhabiting the "end times" but the world hasn't ended, yet.

    It is possible that there will be a pitched battle near the town of Megiddo on the plains of the Jezreel as there have been several recorded in history.

    As the 'Muslim Spring' appears to be bringing Islamists of one group or another to power, it is possible that there will be a general religious war in the region.

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    Things have been in much more dire circumstances than this before. The entirety of the cold war we were on the brink of nuclear war. We aren't in a depression. In fact, we haven't been in one at all. We are actually having a period of economic growth, although slow. America, NATO, and the United Nations have much more power than Iran and North Korea, even if nuclear capable.

    We went through a recession, not a depression. Look them up before using term you don't understand.

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