About immigration to Canada?

Hey, guys.

I'm Brazilian and I'm considering to try the Canada Skilled Worker Immigration. Although Brazil is experiencing a privileged economic moment, crime rates are still too high, and Canada attracts me for its quality of life.

I'm currently graduating in Computer Science, and if I really try to immigrate to Canada, it will be only after I get a Master degree and have at least 3-4 years of work experience.

So, the questions I'm about to ask may be a little bit delicate, but please give me your most sincere answers, because I really need to know these:

1 - In the job market, do foreigners get prejudiced in any way? Or they're judged only based on they're skills? I means, is it likely for a foreigner to be stuck in a survival job even if s/he is well qualified?

2 - Elsewhere, are foreigners treated as an equal or will they be seen as a second class citizen?

3 - Do you know any foreigner who's started from the bottom in Canada and now has a good job (with good payment)?

4 - If I decided to go for it, would it be better for me to try one of the main cities of Canada (e.g. Toronto) or a city that's not so much under the spotlights (e.g. Edmonton)?

Anyway, I haven't decide yet if I'm going to try to move to Canada. For now I'm just gathering information and considering the variables. Like, I know quality of life indexes there are better, but the bottom line is that what we all want is to live a happy life, and those indexes would mean nothing if I was to be seen/treated differently.

So, it'll be too much appreciated if someone who knows anything in this subject could give me detailed answers.

Thanks. Bye bye.

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    I recommend that you read the Citizenship and Immigration Canada web site carefully, especially the requirements and selection process. Many of these questions become moot once you understand these.

    In order to even apply as a skilled worker, you *must* have a valid job offer from a Canadian company in a specific list of professions. That company must have obtained permission from CIC to hire a foreign worker by obtaining a labour market opinion report which shows a shortage of Canadian workers in that profession. Such job offers are insanely difficult to obtain and most Canadian companies are not going to go through this process except for the most skilled (and high paying) professions -- doctors, engineers, nurses, specialized trades, etc.

    Next, the skilled worker category is a competition. In addition to your job offer you are rated on a point-based system based on age, language testing, knowledge of Canada, etc. Only the top 10,000 applications are selected each year. Those selected are typically the best of the best.

    Knowing this...

    1. You already have a high paying job before they'll allow you into Canada. Most jobs are probably paying twice as much or more than your average Canadian is earning.

    2. You are already in a high paying and respected profession in Canada. Most Canadians are going to respect their doctors, nurses, engineers, etc.

    3. You already have an high paying job before they'll allow you into Canada.

    4. You work where you obtained your job offer. As these are insanely rare, few skilled workers are likely to have any say over where they are living and limiting your job search to a specific city usually makes it utterly hopeless for most people.

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  • 3 years ago

    Canadians won't be able to go via the technique. It completely relies upon on why the guy is making an attempt to immigrate. that is diverse for all and varied. some attempt to get a extra suited existence. some are terrorists and attempting to get to the U. S. via Canada. i'd say that the justifications and responses are completely diverse for both examples I gave.

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