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Car crash story, Please help?

I'm writting a story about a car crash,

It must be third person

It must have three main characters (I'm using a mother, son and a drunk driver)

It has to be for a time length of ten minutes in real life in my story..

My question is how should I start it?

What should I include? Any suggestions?

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    Just think about actual car crashes. So far you've got that the driver is drunk. How does he hit them? Does he run a red light/ stop sign, drift into oncoming traffic, side-swipe them, back into them? You can give a bit of back story about where each driver was coming from or headed to, or focus on their emotional state at the time (is the mom mad, is the son excitedly jumping around in the car?).

    There are a lot of options for you, you just need to think through them! Have fun with it. Sometimes the beginning is the most difficult part, so you can start from the middle/end if it's more comfortable for you.

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