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Car crash dream? What could this symbolize?

I had a dream my dad was driving the car (as usual) with my mother in the passenger seat, and me in the back. The car suddenly dives off a bridge and we end up dying. In the dream, I could almost feel my body shutting down just as the car hit the water. It was unreal. What do you think (if anything) this dream means?

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    Sometimes dreams are prophetic, a warning. However the wreck may not happen as you dreamed, it could turn out totally different. I remember a friend of mine telling me about a dream of a car wreck happening on his street, a few days later his friend was in a car wreck. Just be on guard for a few months, don't allow people to drink and drive, wear your seatbelt, pay attention to the driver's speed, etc... do what you can to lessen the odds of a carwreck.

    I've also had many prophetic dreams, but none about car wrecks, but I did dream of buildings exploding in a major city and talking to people about airplanes flying into buildings just days before 9/11. And I had dreams of schools flooding just days before Hurricane Katrina.

    Prophetic dreams happen, but usually there isn't enough details for you to stop the events from happening.

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    This is a dream about control; whoever is "in the driver's seat" is in control.

    It suggests that you are maturing toward the time when you will need to take control of your own life. Remaining passively in the back seat and simply going along, letting your parents determine your life's course is appropriate for a child. But eventually this position will become inappropriate for you.

    The crash and drowning are pretty much just drama. If pressed, one could say that they symbolize the difficulty in leaving the security of childhood and the fear of depending only on oneself.

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