Questions about the new Percy Jackson series?

Well I finished all the books then less then a week, I got the 3rd book yesterday, read it, then read the next book online, then I started reading the Last Olympian at 11AM and finished it at 4PM the thing that upsets me it's that it's all over and everything.

I wanted to know, is the new series still about Percy? Is Percy a main character, or will he just be mentioned only a few times...?

Is Annabeth still dating Percy? Or are they over, and she's going to fall in love with the new characters?

Is the new series worth reading? I am still unsure about these new characters, I think there not about Percy or Grover or Annabeth so I am not sure....

What are the names of the books of the new series? And can you please list them in order like there title of the book, and please list it like "____ book 1" for example.

I really loved the Percy Jacksons books, I didn't like the trail though where Rick Riordan wrote the new series, I wish it was about Percy Jackson and Annabeth and Grover and Tyson like how the other series written. Is the new series more complex, and do they mention ANYTHING about Percy. Can you please also post a short summary of the books below.

I just want the books to have Percy & Annabeth in it. Not new characters, also is Percy the hero, or will someone else be the new hero? And Percy isn't a main character anymore, just some guy who follows then "7 heros" now and a character who isn't important besides the new character for example: Piper, Jason, Hazel and whatever there names are...

Thanks.... I wonder after they make all the Percy Jackson movies what will come next? Will they make the next series into movies too. But that's a long time from now..

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    1. First off, the series starts off with another boy named Jason but later you can see how his story is related to Percy. (Trust me, it's good!) The second book starts off with Percy and continues the other half of the story.

    2. I guess Annabeth and Percy are still dating, but they get seperated and Annabeth tries to find him in part of the first book. (SPOILER: Percy is brainwashed and sent somewhere else by one of the Gods!!!).

    3. The new characters are kind of similar to Annabeth, Percy, and Grover. Jason is the main, powerful character. Piper is a strong fighter. Leo is the funny helpful guy. And yes, Jason and Piper start falling for each other. Don't worry, this isstill worth reading and the characters are awesome!

    4. The series is called "The Heroes of Olympus". There are three books in the series: First book is called "The Lost Heroes", the second is "The Son of Neptune", and the third book is called "The Mark of Athena"

    5. The series is not very complex and yes, they mention some things about Percy in the first book. In the second, he is the main character. I haven't read the third book that I'm ANXIOUS to get but I think it will be about Annabeth... Anyways here is a short summary:

    As the book opens, Jason awakens on a school bus, unable to remember who or where he is, or anything about his past. He is sitting next to Piper McLean and Leo Valdez, who call him by name and say they are his girlfriend and best friend respectively. All three are part of a class field trip to the Grand Canyon, and after they arrive, a classmate Dylan turns into a Venti (Storm Spirit) and attacks the trio and their trip leader, Coach Gleeson Hedge. In the ensuing fight, Jason surprises everyone, including himself, when one of his coins turns into a sword which he uses to battle the storm spirits. Coach Hedge, who reveals himself to be a satyr during the fight, is taken captive by a fleeing spirit. After the battle, a flying chariot arrives to rescue the trio, but one of the people in it, Annabeth, is upset when she discovers that her missing boyfriend, Percy Jackson, is not there as she expected. Annabeth, seeking Percy, was told in a vision from the goddess Hera to look there for the "guy with one shoe", but this turns out to be Jason, who had a shoe destroyed during the fight.

    Jason, Piper, and Leo are told that they are demigods and are taken back to Camp Half-Blood where they meet other greek demigod children like themselves. There, Leo is revealed as a son of Hephaestus, Piper as a daughter of Aphrodite and Jason as a son of Zeus, though Hera tells him he is her champion. Shortly after they arrive, the three are given a quest to rescue Hera, who has been captured, and they set off. They soon discover that their enemies are working under orders from Gaea to overthrow the gods. They go through a long journey to Mount Diablo to fight the giant Enceladus, who has kidnapped Piper's father, save Hera, and stop them from overtaking the world. You have to read the other books to find out the rest ;)

    Although the heroes and the Hunters save Hera, the king of the giants, Porphyrion, rises fully and disappears into a hole in the Earth. Jason's memory then starts returning, and he remembers that he is a hero from a Roman counterpart to Camp Half-Blood somewhere near San Francisco, and is the son of Jupiter, Zeus's Roman aspect. He realizes that Hera, also known as Juno, has switched him with Percy Jackson, who will be at the Roman camp with no memory of his life, in the hopes that the two camps would ultimately work together to fight the giants and defeat the goddess Gaea.

    6. The new hero in the first book is Jason but Percy becomes the hero in the second book.

    7. THE MOVIES SUCK COMPARED TO THE BOOKS!!!! They have only made the movie for the first book in the Percy Jackson series so it might take a longgggg time for them to finish the whole series and the next one.

    I'm sorry that might have been too long but I'm really passionate about the Percy Jacksons series and the following one. I really enjoyed it and trust me, it's better than it sounds like. Please, if you red the book, you WON'T regret it!!!!!!! :)

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  • 8 years ago

    1) Percy is a relatively main character in the second book, but in the first one he is mentioned quite a few times.

    2) They are still dating, and Annabeth is crazy for Percy to remember her.

    3) I didn't enjoy it no. I hate the new writing style and roman gods.

    4) book 1- The lost hero

    Book 2- Son of Neptune

    Book 3- Mark of Athena

    The movie sucked majorly, so I hope they don't make more. It will just embarrass themselves.

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  • 8 years ago

    The new series The Heroes of Olympus does have Percy in it in the second book, The Son Of Neptune, and yes he is still a hero but there are multiple Heroes in this series. In the first book, The Lost Hero, we meet Jason who goes on a quest with Piper and Leo who be heroes. Then in the second book, The Son Of Neptune, we see Percy who goes on a quest with Hazel and Frank. In the 3rd book, The Mark Of Athena, they all go on a quest (Plus Annabeth!) And ye this Series is Freaking GREAT!

    There's no way to tell if there are going to be movies of The Heroes of Olympus. In my opinion the movies suck because they dont stay true to the book but whatever.

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