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Canada, United states, Afghanistan and Iraq?

What's the difference between Canada's role played in Afghanistan compared to United state's role played in Iraq?

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  • Joe
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    7 years ago
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    the U.S forces in iraq are 10 times bigger then canadian forces in afghanistan

  • persis
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    3 years ago

    Canada. usa militia would desire to be better yet suitable now, public opinion has grew to become against the U.S, inspite of Obama in potential. The Commonwealth countries, which incorporate Britain and all different allies would are available on the Canadian area (U.S. no longer a member of the Commonwealth). the ecu is financial and the UN can not intrude until this is asked, so as that they'd be ineffective. This conflict would never take place nevertheless. Canadians are too on the fringe of Britain and have the international's best identifying to purchase and advertising relationship with the States. there is not any actual reason for the two international places to pass to conflict, particularly for the reason that Canada has been reducing the scope of its distant places coverage via fact the Sixties. final, Canada is a great territory and much too tricky to hold. thought: If the U. S. did invade Canada, that they had exchange into Russia's around the corner neighbour and that i do no longer think of any united states of america interior the international community would prefer that...

  • J
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    7 years ago

    The Canadian mission to Afghanistan was a NATO Mission. The US mission to Iraq was because the US government believed Iraq had weapons of mass destruction and I assume they thought could be threat to the US. The UN condemned the mission which (at least officially is why Canada did not send in troops but may have been the drain of man power, equipment issues for the CF. Either way Jean Chretien said Nope.).

    Source(s): Former member Canadian Primary Reserves Infantry
  • Anonymous
    7 years ago

    U.S Armed Force have biggest size of man power in Afghanistan. They play more role than any nations.

    Now American is halfway pullout their troops. And civil war will follows if current goverment is weak like today.

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