How the United States of America is a hypocrite country?

Please note, my intentions are NOT hate speech against the USA or to generalize all their people but only to bring a message towards those of being ignorant and lack knowledge on the war on terror between the US and it's allies against Iraq.Here is a little background history of the relations between Iraq and the USA that I will make you familiar with before I start publicly pointing the finger and accuse USA politicians of the crimes they created in my country.

As all Iraqis know, it would have been impossible for Saddam Hussein to come to power if it was not for the help of the USA by giving him their "hand" in placing him in power to be the president of Iraq in 1979. After all, it was in the best interest of the USA to have someone like Saddam who like the USA, opposed the spread of Communism globally. That being said, since the popularity of Communism in Iraq reached it's highest peak during the 50's and 60's, the USA believed that Saddam would be their best man in serving their interest by defeating the Iraqi Communists.Plus, America did not care at that time weather the man they helped come into power believe in basic human rights, respect the multicultural and diversity in Iraq , or any of the basic principles in politics that would show weather he was a legitimate leader or not. Of course they would not care, after all, the only thing that the USA cared about that time was it's national interest, that being, to defend it's self from the evils of the Communists who were fighting them during the cold war.

The way that the USA placed Saddam Hussien in power, was by indirectly helping him and his Baath political party remove the ruling republican party founded by the first president of Iraq; General Abdul Karim Qassem. General Abdul Karim Qassim (1914-1963) was the founder of the Iraqi republic and the leader of the revolutionist movement that overthrew the British imperialists who unlawfully owned a large portion of Iraq's oil reserves. He was called the father of the poor for increasing the quality of life of Iraqis and increasing the size of the middle class. Sadly, his opponents and the perpetrators; the Pan-Arab Nationalists [who founded the Bathi regime of Saddam Hussien have succeeded in overthrowing him with the help of the CIA and John F. Kennedy. He was eventually shot dead along with his comrades after a small and unfair trial. It is also worth to note that General Abdul Karim Qassem believed in freedom of speech and expression to the point where he allowed his greatest rivals; the communists to publicly preach their ideology to others. That is one of the reasons that led the USA to heavily oppose him. After his death , politics in Iraq was very unstable and after three presidencies , the political situation in Iraq was unstable to the point where Saddam Hussien and his Baathi regime easily took over Baghdad and took power. It was then , in 1979 , Saddam Hussien with the indirect help of the USA who helped him previously in murdering General Abdul Karim Qasem came to power. Decades later, the USA under the presidency of Bush, decided with no legit proof, that Iraq was a threat to their nation. More over, fake stories and false accusations were fabricated by Bush such as claiming that Iraq was developing weapons of mass destruction in which none were found and in believing that Saddam was an indirect contributor to 9/11 , which was also propaganda since the Taliban (religious fanatics) and Saddam (extreme secularist) always had contradicting ideologies and were always enemies to each other.

That being said, the USA still followed up with their agenda by launching an offensive and illegal war famously known as the war on "terror" where hundreds of thousands of innocent Iraqis lost their lives under the hands of those criminals in the white house. The war initiated in an air campaign where f-16s heavily bombed Baghdad causing a high civilian causality rate and severe damages to the city's infrastructure. Now my question is, what right does USA have to send those f-16s fly over Baghdad and shower down hundreds of missiles across the City where 7 million people live and send thousands of ground troops and give them orders to launch offensive attacks against targets inside the cities where civilians are easily exposed to these nearby attacks from them and as a result, leave hundreds of thousands of innocent people murdered?


That being all said,I believe US politicians had more blood on their hands than Saddam. As an Iraqi who grieves for his people that suffered under the tyranny of the US, as long as I am alive I will be asking God in my prayers everyday to curse and to send down his wrath upon the Bush family ,Clinton, John F Kennedy, the CIA, those USA soldiers and marines who illegally murdered innocent civilians, the F-16 pilots who bombed Baghdad and killed hundreds and especially the ignorant Americans who supported the war.

May the cursing and severe punishment of god be upon them all!

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    There's more. The International Bankers control the U.S. Unbeknown to most Americans these bankers choose candidates in both major parties so that they always get their man in as president. The Americans are fed propaganda through the news media so they believe all this nonsense that you correctly described is for self defense of America. If the Americans really knew that the war on terror was phony and was really put in place to force the Middle eastern countries to become part of the Anglo-American (we're talking the bankers here) "New World Order" they would be angry. Realize that the Americans believe their sons are dying to protect American "freedom" (which is a joke in and of itself). Watch this for the big picture:

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    For a piece of what's happening right now start at 26:04 here:

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    What I've given you here is only the tip of the iceberg.

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    True. The Founding Fathers were hypocrites. But remember that people judge others on what they see, and if they see a racist American then they believe that all Americans are racists.

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    To many educated minds that cannot come to a conclusion cannot get an engine to run as this is what happens in countries that have political corruption and to many people making one decision .American's are not hypocrites but have a power base with to many people making decisions that keep certain parts of america sheltered .Certain people in society believe that installed addiction makes money but only causes terror and gun crime to keep a habit .Think positive

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    The USA has two political parties, and presidents and other politicians come and go.

    So American foreign policy is not consistent from decade to decade.

    You are portraying a "great plan" which never existed, as each of the policies you list comes from a different era and government.

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