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Thesis for Essay on Macbeth with topic of Evil?

Hello, I have been assigned an essay on Macbeth and the topic is:

Evil: Examine how ambition, power and corruption impact the characters Macbeth and/or Lady Macbeth.

What i have right now is that 'Macbeth's greed for kingship is the cause of his downfall.' I then have to have one paragraph relating to ambition, one for power and another for corruption.

Your help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

by the way, the essay is 1000 words min


Full formal piece, cant put my opinion

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    why not link it all, Shakespeare represents power as corruption fuelled on ambition (as well as greed and fear). Macbeth is a man of evil, he defines the particular evil that results from lust of power. He is a character constructed from basic ambition and fear. You can work of that. Then link Lady Macbeth, not only separately as individuals do they represent corrupted power but together as a unit or relationship. At the start of the play the audience or reader become aware of the indisputable power she has over her husband. Macbeth is dominated by his wife, he refers to her as his “dearest love” “love” “Sweet remembrancer” “chuck” she however never uses any sort of endearments towards him. She regards him coldly as an object or ‘thing’. “Wouldst thou have that/ Which thou esteem'st the ornament of life, / And live a coward in thine own esteem, / Letting “I dare not” wait upon “I would, ”/ Like the poor cat i' th' adage?” (Act 1, scene 7) Lady Macbeth incites Macbeth to the murder of Duncan and as he attempts to clutch onto his courage she ridicules him of cowardice when he debates as to whether to carry out the deed. Contextually speaking a contemporary audience would perceive her power as corruption. The play was written in a time period where woman had no power and to see such a strong, outspoken and hard women would have been unfathomable, woman were purely regarded as their husbands property or possessions.

    Hope this helps : )

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    Macbeth Essay Questions

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    You could say Macbeth's wife corrupted him. She kept pressuring him to kill duncan. You could also say how surprised you were when macbeth went through with killing duncan, because in Act 1 scene 2 Duncan, the captain, and malcolm were all praising him and talking about how brave/heroic and loyal he was. After reading that scene the reader would've thought that Macbeth was loyal to his king and scotland. Also people back then believed that God chose the kings. And when everything went to hell when macbeth killed duncan (horses began eating each other, owls hunted falcons) just unnatural stuff. Since Macbeth killed duncan (which is unnatural, because they thought God chose the next king) God was punishing him. And not only his green corrupted him but also God. And there was something that had to do with foreshadowing Macbeth's "evil" future as a king in act 2, I just don't know where it is exactly. I hope this helps.

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