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Is this a normal life?

Hello, I'm 13, male. I pretty much have no social life outside of school; or at all.

This is my daily life:

I wake up, go to school, talk to my peers occasionally, at recess, I hang out with a few people that I know. After school, I come home, eat lunch, watch tv a little, go on the computer, play some videogames for about 1 hour. At about 5:30 pm, my dad comes home, so I do my homework with his help, then I go to the gym with my dad, come back, eat dinner and sleep.

As you can see, I have NO friends outside of school. What do I do? Ive asked people if they want to hang out with me after school, but no one wants to. I have lots of aquintences, but very few friends. What do I do? My life is not like everyone else. I don't go to any parties, I don't go to the mall everyday, my parents can't afford another phone for me, I don't go out every weekend, my life is very sad and pathetic. Should I kill my self? I can't live a life of misery. At this point I am willing to read and memorize a 500page book on How To Make Friends.

Please help, I'm so confused

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    trust me im in the same boat but worse....i dont go to school and i dont have a cell phone....i go like nowhere fun...never been to mcdonalds , starbucks, jama juice , etc.... DO NOT KILL URSELF just bcus ur bored....there is a way u can make friends....its online bt at least its something.....go to and sign up, after u sign up go to this place on the website called drawchat...u can draw and meet new ppl....hope this helps.:)

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  • Get into some after school activity- sports- you do things as a team and get to know

    people in situations that are not forced. They happen over time and shared interest and grow

    naturally into friendships.

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