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Who were the main instigators of anti semitism hatred in the 18th Century; who would YOU think, of all?

From the "Civilta Cattolica", the Jesuits' official publication, under the title "Il Caso Dreyfus" (The Dreyfus Case):

"The Jews' emancipation has been the results of the so-called principles of 1789, whose yoke weighs heavely on all French People... The Jews hold the Republic in their hands, which is more Hebraic than French... The Jew has been created by God to be used as a spy wherever some treason is being prepared... It is not only in France, but also in Germany, Austria and Italy that the Jews must be excluded from the nation. Then, with the great harmony of former times re-established, nations will find again their lost happiness."

Compare with the rantings Heinrich Himler used against "Judah" (he was an ex Jesuit trained person, with various PhD from Jesuit Universities in Bavaria, where Pope Ratzinger is from, also).


synopsis - Actually, 1789 IS the 18th Century; your answer is abnormally abundant in details. The quote written belongs to an annalysis made after the reinstatement of Dreyfus, and the investigation that took place on the documentation altered by Henry (which commited suicide after) and the way the Catholics in France and the Holy Sea corrupted the evidence. Thanks again.

Update 2:

Slayer of Gods - Germany, Austria, Ukrain, Poland.

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    The Dreyfus case didn't happen during the eighteenth century. It wasn't especially anti-semitic (it was more conservative versus radical, though it had anti-semitic components).

    A major part of the case against Dreyfus was Bertillon's probabilistic analysis of Dreyfus' correspondance (alleging that nonrandom letter distributions suggested that some kind of cipher was being used). Poincaré (a real mathematician, and one of France's greatest of all time) wrote a letter to the court exposing Bertillon's arguments as nonsense (Bertillon's grasp of mathematics was at the Sudoku level).

    But the jury preferred to go with Bertillon's mathematics; because Bertillon was a policeman.

    Even today you will find juries with people willing to take the Discovery Institute seriously, if you search hard enough.

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    I hear there was a very Christian nation that tried to rid the Earth of Jews. Can't recall where it was...


    Source(s): NO~! It was Switzerland!
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    Well, it wasn't the gays

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