Somebody help me,about computer...?

this ia the question,raheem has thee computer in his house,all of which are functioning as stand alones.

raheem is considering networking working the computers but needs more information.

answer the following question for raheem and hand in your answers to your teacher.

1-if the three computer were to be networked, would the network be a LAN or a WAN? explain

2- provide raheem with two reasons why he should network the computers.

3-mr.nisan think Mrsg.Fraser should get rid of its network and have all computer as stand-alone so that Msgr. fraser can save money. provide Ms.nisan with at least two reason (explain each one) why this is not a good idea.

please someone help,i really need help thanks :)

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    LAN since he is setting up local network. WAN is world wide network

    he can use either of computer

    he can access all file from either of computer

    he can make performance better by cloud computing which is possible in network

    when one network computer can do all the work why turn of all 3 unnetworked computer(electricity saving)

    When we can get faster result why we wait for a longer time on each computer(time saving)

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