what kind of training would i need to be part of the toronto police ETF?

i am interested in being an assaulter or sniper for the Toronto police ETF. What would i have to do to be qualified for the job? Are their any good colleges to attend that would train me for that line of work? any input helps!

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    7 years ago
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    Yes, all of the TPS snipers are graduates of Honest Bob's Sniper School. http://www.bobthesniper.com

    As the others have said, you have to be hired as a police officer first and spend 5-8 years working the street to be considered for EFT/ERT.

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    Toronto Police Etf

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    In order to be a Toronto Police ETF (SWAT team member) you apply as a police officer first. There are some good programs in college which some are computer science, police foundations. Even it says you need to have at least a high school diploma. I suggestion you take further education. The more education the more choices you have. There is a difference between occupation and job.

    Check around Youtube to see what police/swat training is. More info > http://www.torontopolice.on.ca/careers/ There is a reason why each police service has their own website. MOST IMPORTANTLY KEEP A CLEAN BACKGROUND!

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    7 years ago

    You become a Toronto police officer. You learn as you serve, take the extra courses offered by the police academy. Qualify with their, not some outsider company or college, training so you get it right.

    To become a Toronto police officer it is good to have a generalized college education, at least 2 semesters’ worth. You have to have excellent reading and comprehension skills.

    You not only do not need to be sniper, spotter, and forensic psychologist or have previous skills in breaking down doors.

    You need to be someone who can learn; self analyze properly, use their critical thinking skills and are able to learn quickly form mistakes.

    You need to be a super excellent cop who has a wide ranging knowledge of life.

    If you impress the bosses at your work and you have taken some of the classes and qualified you may get a try out. If so you will take lots more classes in a lot of subjects

    You need to stop believing anything you see on TV or in the movies, a serious critical thinking skill.

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    7 years ago

    You will have to join the toronto police which you have to complete the ATS ( selection process to become a police officer in ontario)

    I would sugest you complete a program like police foundation ( college ) or a university degree

    I would also sugest you participate in some benevolat program during college or unversity since police force are looking for that kind of experience.

    Last, try to obtain work related experience like workng in a homeless shelter, security guard etc.. More experience you will get... Better you will shine in a police interview

    After 5 years with the toronto police, you will then have a chance to join their ERT team

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