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How long do you think it's going to take for me to lose weight?

I used to be 140 and now I'm 137, 5'2, 19 year old female and I started going back to my school gym on a regular basis. Right now I'm in the process of week 2 and instead of going to the gym for 4 days a week I just started to do 5 times a week.(excluding weekends) Sor far it's only been 7 days since I've been working out regularly but sometimes I feel like I'm going nowhere cuzI really want to rid of this exces weight since I've always been over weight and I've done some research and the sites state that it is realistic to lose 1 pound a week which seems kind of slow. Anyway this is what I do in the gym.

My workout starts off with me walking on the treadmill for 5 minutes and increasing the speed during that time. Then jogging for 25-30 min while increasing the speed of the treadmill by 2 every 5 minutes. Finally slowly decreasing the speed for 3 minutes as a cooldown.

Then I do other exercises:

3 sets of 12 bicep curls

3 sets of 12 lunges with weights

3 sets of 12 front raises with weights

3 sets of 30 second planks

3 sets of 20 side carve outs (does this workout really work)

3 sets of 12 laterall pulldown on machine

3 sets of 20 calf raises on machine

3 sets of 12 seated row

Some of the workouts change day to day but this is what I do on a Monday

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    That's great that you have lost a few pounds! We are similar but I'm bigger than you (21 years old; 5'5; 147) and I have lost about 10 pounds using the free website/app lose it (lose it's free and what I like about it is that it counts calories eaten (even if you go out to eat); your daily weight; and it subtracts your calories burned from working out. After you enter your current weight, it will ask you how much you want to loose a week, then tell you when you will reach your goal, and set up the ideal daily calorie intake for you.I like it because it is constantly reminding me of my goal and how far I've come (even if there wasn't progress made that day).

    What I've found that does works is consistency. It's taken me a couple months to drop the weight, and ideally, I would weigh around 130-135ish because I'm very muscular.

    You seem to be on a great track, keep it up and don't worry about weight. By working out, your shape will change and there will be more visible change in your body- best of luck! :)

    Source(s): In a similar situation *there are other similar sites/apps to lose it that are also free
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    Always start your meal having a salad. It'll fill you way up, making you eat less from the actual meal, and it's approach fewer calories than typical deep-fried as well as cheesy apps.

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    East five or six small meals or snacks daily. Eat less but more frequently to keep your metabolism going. Stephanie Karl, nutritionist at your Dubai London Clinic, says, “It’s critical you can eat smaller amounts more often. That way you avoid raising your blood sugar levels into the fat storage zoom, which is actually caused with a surge of insulin usually from carbohydrate foods, caffeine and man-made sweeteners. ”

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    Walk into a co-worker's desk to chat as an alternative to instant messaging.

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    I don't think you should do cardio and weight lifting on the same day because you're only doing like 30 mins cardio and 30 mins weight lifting

    How about you do cardio for 1 hour on Monday instead and do weight lifting on Tuesday for 1 hour

    Cardio burns fat and lifting builds muscle so you should do them for 1 hour on different days than do them both on the same day for only 30 mins each

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    Opt for the baked potato rather then french fries, and yes, eat your skin layer!

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    Wear comfy shoes to help you take meetings for a walk rather then sitting at a desk.

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    Any individual for tennis? You’ll be reaching for the racket when we tell you that a 60-minute game can burn approximately 420 calories.

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    Set up reminders on your personal computer or phone every hour to encourage you to ultimately get up, walk around, in addition to stretch.

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