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Are you suppose to close your eyes when you kiss? Or leave em open...?

I was making out with this guy the other day and we stopped for a second and he was like 'heh, awh you close your eyes' .. Like as if hes saying im mot suppose too or something? .. Idk i always thought when u kiss you close your eyes . Well when youre making out at least. And you can open ur eyes for a second every once in a while.. Idk thoughts?

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    Closing your eyes is perfectly normal and most common really... When my girlfriend and I kiss (making out etc.), we both close our eyes for the most part and might open them once or twice but for the most part we keep them closed. I don't know why he said that really, I mean, I would say 90% of people close their eyes while kissing. BUT, most importantly just do what feels right, keep it real and keep it you :D

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    i favor to modify it up with eyes open and eyes closed. now and again you wanna seem contained in the persons eyes who you're kissing as there will be a deep connection that way too. Eyes closed is sweet too regardless of the reality that as you experience some thing diverse and type of fantasy like.

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    Close your eyes, it comes naturally with me, but close them so you can really be in the moment~ it will be awkward staring into his eyes while he is kissing you. do whatever makes you feel comfortable!!

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    That's weird.

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