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How can i increase my bones strength and power?

My bones are a bit weak due to bad genes, a simple punch on my arm can cause me a fracture

How can I increase by bones strength and power?

I already drink enough milk everyday

I need exercises/workouts to strengthen bones and nerves to be able to carry more weight

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    Start with the obvious: ABSOLUTELY NO SODA. Soda saps your bones and weakens them. Eat foods high in calcium, like spinach greens. Milk isn't always enough. I wouldn't try lifting weights until you've been eating foods high in calcium and have cut out soda from your diet. Once you have done this, start with dumbbell curls to work your biceps using 3-5lb. weights. If they're too heavy, you can seriously injure yourself. After you've been using a 3 or 5 pound weight for about a month, upgrade it to 7 or 8 lb. weight if possible. These are uncommon, so you may have to continue working with the 3 or 5 pounders for an additional month until you're ready for the 10 lbs.

    Push-ups are important for building strong arms. If you find yourself unable to do a single push-up, drop to your knees and try it. Your weight will be distributed to your knees as well as your arms, giving you a good workout while relieving yourself of stress. Dropping to your knees while doing push-ups isn't as good exercise as doing full fledged push-ups, though. Do four sets of eight, meaning do eight push-ups, rest for 2 minutes, and repeat the process three more times.

    A muscle group people rarely think about is the triceps. To work your triceps, find a sturdy object with an edge (like the side of your bathtub) and face away from it. Place your hands on it, and make sure your palms are facing away from you. Make sure your buttocks are suspended in the air and not resting on anything. With your feet flat on the ground, push yourself downwards. Once you are centimeters away from your bottom touching the side of the object, push yourself back up. Like push-ups, you should do four sets of eight.

    Next, you need to do lateral raises. Hold two 3-5 pound dumbbells and rest them at your side. Slowly bring your right arm up towards the right and your left arm towards the left until your hand is aligned with your shoulder. Bring the dumbbells back down to your side and repeat the process. As with push-ups and tricep dips, do four sets of eight.

    Finally, you need to do some pull-ups. I imagine that a person in your condition would have an excruciatingly hard time doing these. For this reason, you should find a gym that has a machine that simulates a pull-up. You can enter the desired weight you would like to lift (20 pounds, for example), and then pull the bar below your chin and slowly bring it back up. I wouldn't set it any higher than 20 to begin with because of your condition.

    I hope I helped!

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    With wrapped gloves on high of padded gloves, bone force makes little difference. It will support a little bit, however not that a lot. I might nonetheless advocate it though, it is better than no added bone force.

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