What happens if you don't get your oil changed right when you need to?

Ok so here's my situation. I'm a University student so I can't afford my own car, so my grandmother is lending me her 98 Rav4 while I get my schooling done. It needed an oil change at 135 550kms. My dad doesnt want me spending money I dont need to, so he promised to pay the maintnence on it. I was going to get it changed myself and ask for the money back, but some situations came up where money became tight, so I've been waiting for him to give me the money, and now its over 2000km's past its oil change. So today on my way home from my sisters, the Rav bogged out, lost power and shut off at an intersection. I called my sister freaking out because I thought it was because I didn't get the oil changed, and the check engine light and oil light came on. I was able to get the car started just long enough to pull into a parking lot, and my dad came and helped me out. He reved the crap out of it to get it running and drove it back to my house while I drove his truck. (he didnt know I didnt get the oil changed yet, and we didnt bring it to a garage cause it was 8pm on sunday)

According to my sister this exact same thing happened to her when she was borrowing it for school after she got gas at a certain gas station, and I had gotten gas at the same one she did (not exact same one, same company). So tomorrow I'm going to Canadian Tire to get the oil changed and my dad told me to buy STP Complete Fuel System Cleaner.

So what do you think caused this to happen? I think it's because of my idiotic decision to put off the oil change (I'm honestly a car lover so I am pretty mad at myself for doing this)


please no comments about how stupid I am.. I am honestly beating myself up for this stupid move

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  • 8 years ago
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    Jess, Don't beat yourself up!!! I don't know why your car died, but assuming your crankcase was filled to to the bottom of the dipstick, running with oil that's a little past the mileage it should be changed won't affect the engine. Modern multigrade detergent oils are very efficient and, depending upon driving conditions, (like high speeds for a long time or dirt roads or dusty conditions) you probably can get away with an oil change every 6 or 7,000 km. Check the owners manual if you have one or go on line and ask the manufacturer. If you were low on oil your father reving the engine is about the worst thing you could do. I assume he checked the oil level. I'm not sure how eficient STP is as a fuel system cleaner but It definitely sounds like a fuel problem. It's not the oil!

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    It's never good to skip an oil change because after a certain point oil breaks down and becomes less effective causing more wear on your engine, however 2000km over wouldn't cause near enough damage to kill it, just shorten it's life expectancy a little. Due to your sister having the same issue with the same gas I'd blame the gas. Some companies sell lower quality gas which could have caused a clog in one of your fuel injectors, or it may not have ignited entirely if it was really creepy gas. Don't beat your self up, it wasn't the oil lol. :)

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    8 years ago

    The only way to get reliable service from a vehicle is regular maintenance. As for oil changes, opinions seem to vary a bit. If you drive 10,000 highway kms on one oil change, everything can be just fine. If you drive lots of short distances and the oil is therefore subject to more thermal cycles, I would personally aim for 5,000 kms (give or take a couple of 100) to change the oil. I have never seen an engine that got wrecked by a bit of a "stretched oil change interval" and I've seen a couple. Mind you, you don't want to over-stretch it!

    Now, the problem as per your description sounds more of a fuel problem than an oil problem. Could be a bad batch of fuel, clogged filters, whatever. This is why regular servicing is essential. Have a look in that service & warranty book in the glove box and read what is involved in the scheduled service work. All this service work is to KEEP the car running, not to MAKE the car run.

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  • 8 years ago

    I doubt not getting the oil changed has caused a problem like that,I've drove my car a while after the date saying it needed changing,here are some suggestions on what it might be:

    Water in your gas

    Bad fuel pump

    Bad spark plugs

    Engine Mounts bad or broke

    I've actually had one break on my while driving the car,and it bogged down and seemed like it didn't want to go,although all my engine mounts all the car was near breaking,I imagine if it was just one that broke it might make your car act up,and it will definetly trigger the check engine light,this case is not likely,but a suggestion.

    There's a ton of things that could be wrong with it,and the only way to find out is to take it to a certified mechanic and let them pull the codes on the check engine light

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  • 8 years ago

    Old oil turns to sludge/gel

    Internal components grind together from lack of lubrication

    Engine seizes and costs a small fortune to replace.

    So, skipping a $30 oil change ends up costing you $2000 for a new engine. From now on, change your oil regularly.

  • tests have proven that the oil should still be ok up to 5000 miles under normal conditions. sure around town and in stop and go traffic is still classified as severe driving but you should be ok. the stall can be a simple issue such as a bad air filter. it just might be due for a tune up. realistically, much of that stuff is routine at much longer intervals. if platinum plugs are in use, that should be due at roughly 100,000 miles. i could go on and if need be i will. feel free to get back to me if you want.

  • 8 years ago

    You will do some premature damage to the piston rings.

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