Will he get in contact with me? Guys or girls, read on...?

Okay so, i met this guy at a concert.

He approached me and started flirting.

He was actually pretty nice, wasn't giving off douche bag vibes, seemed pretty chill.

He told me he was 22 and knew i was younger (I'm 17) but it didn't seem to bother him.

I grew up my whole life hanging out with older people so it was almost as if there was no age difference between us and he told me i seemed much older than my age. (i do get that a lot cause i look older than 17) ANYWAYS, he asked for my number and said "i think i need to take you out sometime."

he was doing a lot of the flirting and initiating the fact that he wanted to see me again. at the end of the concert, he hugged me and said that he'd text me.

we found out we live close to each other, and we like the same music. he seemed really enthused to meet me and stuff.

SO, i guess all i want to know is if he's ACTUALLY going to get in touch? those with previous experience of course. if you have nothing smart to add to this then don't bother.

I'm just curious, because the way he left it, i kinda of expected him to message the next day but its been 2 days now. so, does that "3 day" rule still apply? is the fact that I'm 17 probably going to mean he doesn't care to call? i don't know, id appreciate hearing from guys and girls who have been through this whole mind game thingy and can let me know what they think. its just kinda bugging me cause he seemed really into me, but now I'm getting this weird feeling i may not hear from him.

let me know, i appreciate the advice. thanks:)

2 Answers

  • 8 years ago

    I think he kinda thought it over and the age difference got to him...but it could be the 3day rule. Whatever it is older guys are always better :)

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  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    If you like him go for it

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