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i had sex with my grandpa, my great-grandpa, my dad, my baby brother, my english teacher, and my friends dad. i had sex with all of them on the same day. how do i know who the dad is? btw i had sex with them in september


im 16

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    You won't know until the baby is born and then you can take a DNA test.

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    oh!!!!!!!!!!! wow!!!!!! day ja vous!!!!!!! same thing happened to me!!!!!!! was ur english teachers last name start with a c? ik him!!!!!!!! he was disgusting 2 have sex with!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! the dad is almost always the baby brother... mine ended up being my great grandpa..- doctor said that his penis was weirdly stronger and older than the rest and that why him with his business ended up being his baby... he died on july 5th, 2006... single mother- only 17 years old... i live in india.... u might want to check bout ur baby! cause u might have been pregnant fo awhile now. was ur dad hot? cause u might hve a cute baby. interfamily intercourse ends up being really good for ur body- besides the baby mutation.. but dad's sperm is alway the best feeling and pops right into an egg sometimes faster than the baby. my egg was popped right with the great grandpa sperm! it was still a just as good feeling: great for vaginas, boobs, eggs, uterus and all the female organisms. my uterus is bloated but feels amazing.... ahhhh its lasted for 6 yrs already... since urs is a baby it might last about 19 years three times as much as mine... so much better! u r so lucky

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    You are crazy first off. But once the baby is born tests can be done to determine the biological father.

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    Ctfuuuu his is too funny. Ur not pregnant u have aids, and a mental condition

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    This is a joke lol!

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