Why doesn't society need heroes?

For an english essay we have to answer the question "why doesn't society need heroes?", and i know everyone will answer the question with 'yes, society does' for obvious reasons. So i was hoping to take an unexpected twist on it saying that society doesn't...

any answers cool (:


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    Society doesn't need heroes, they are ultimately destructive. In ancient greek mythology heroes were people like Hercules or Perseus who were often part god or demigods. Many times in heroic stories the protagonist is either the direct or indirect cause of the trouble that they have to fix. Even in modern day mythology there is the same pattern: Look at the film Avengers, the character Bruce Banner or the Hulk calls them all a ticking time bomb... he said that they will attract chaos. That is exactly what happens but they are ultimately seen as heroic because they save the day... but of course tomorrow there will be more villians to face. Once a team as powerful as the Avengers is on Earth it brought attention to us from the other powerful entities living in the universe.

    You could argue that for every action there is an equal reaction and that power attracts problems. If society has heroes it will not be long before there are also villians. A similar question is also asked in Batman, Gotham Central one of the detectives asks "Who came first the Batman or the Freaks?" referring to Bane, the Joker and other bad guys. Why do we need to be saved? Who do we need to be saved from? Ourselves?

    Did the atomic bomb end world wars or was it simply the beginning of the end? A powerful hero may fix the problems you have today but herald an era of never ending destruction tomorrow.

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    nicely some sturdy examples of cutting-edge heroes have been given already, yet i might merely prefer to point out that a guy who could have been referred to as a hero 1000 years in the past can in basic terms be got here upon at present locked away in a psychological business enterprise or penal complex through fact our ideals of heroism have replaced noticeably.

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    because we need to help each other together. Not imagine that we can be saved by a "special" person.

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