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My senegal parrot bites! Help!?

So I have a 7 month old Senegal parrot named Ollie. He is mostly a super nice bird! He chats with me and loves kisses and scratches under the chin. He's generally not aggressive. But he has these little temper tantrums now and then where he just bites me really hard on purpose! And when he see's I'm in pain he milks it and bites harder!

It happens on many different occasions and I cant find a pattern! Sometimes he is just grumpy when he comes out of the cage, sometimes he bites when I talk to other people or my dogs, most often its when I dont let him have certain things like my iphone or necklace (he breaks them!), and sometimes he gets himself in weird situations like getting himself stuck or falling and ending up upside down and when I help him he bites me!

Keep in mind this is not all of the time but I'm worried it could end up that way... Any suggestions?

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    My Senegal Parrot Syd started biting at 3 years of age, I think something triggers it. They also have days when they feel a bit offish, it is also a defensive move. Mine chews everything around, also he gets quite aggressive on the floor. I think sometimes they want to stay in the cage, I think they need there time as well. I started using a wooden spoon with my Senegal parrot, so I could get him to quickly get up on the spoon, or I use a small basket, he steps on to it. If you interrupt something he is enjoying he also gets very annoyed.

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    A Senegal parrot is extremely a lot a "one person parrot". they have a tendency to very temperamental and function rather, fiery tendencies. Our Senegal, Harley is extremely candy with my daughter (ninety 5%) of the time. He sits along with her, does tricks for her, lays in her hand like a small green/orange domestic dog yet ......each physique else in the international can in simple terms kiss his royal at the back of! He enjoys my corporation purely adequate to settle for small peace possibilities from my hand! rather, i could sense safer feeding a croc! lol I call Harley a "little green pit bull". He would be a pint sized parrot, yet with that ambitious beak, he can open up human flesh like a can opener and whilst he does bite, he goals to maime! He bites....digs in together with his feet to get a greater suited bite carry and then makes a tearing action together with his beak like a hawk tearing aside a rabbit! lol Senegals are super important different birds! they are very clever, playful and love interest. they are in simple terms seldom friendly to those exterior their prompt flock!

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    The best thing to do is to not react AT ALL when he bites you. No yelping, no yanking your hand away, no trying to punish him for doing it by flicking his beak or anything of the sort. That is giving his behavior a reaction and that is why he will continue to do it. He will continue the behavior for a bit longer, but will eventually stop because there is no reaction, and therefore no reason for him to do it. This also works with any screeching or other bad behaviors. If you ignore the bad behaviors and reward good behaviors, he will begin to switch and do the positive behaviors instead! He will of course bite if he is scared, but otherwise with enough work he should stop biting almost completely. Good luck!

    Source(s): 1.) I volunteer at a bird shelter and learned this from other people there, I now work with birds like this that end up there so that we can find homes for them. A bird that bites doesn't get adopted easily! 2.) I have my own 18 year old senegal, his name is Ollie too actually! :) I had to do this with him, so I know it works!
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