What are some good Korean Dramas?

I was just wondering what some good Korean Dramas are. I like Korean or even Japanese dramas. Thanks for the help

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    My top three favorites so far are:

    You're Beautiful is about a girl who, hiding her gender, pretends to be her brother and joins popular idol band A.N.Jell which already has three handsome boys in it. This drama has so many funny moments! I would still laugh about them now even though I saw it a while ago. There is also a few sad, but it's so good.

    Shining Inheritance is about a girl who gets kicked out of her house along with her autistic brother by her step mother. Things happen and she helps an old elderly lady, who turns out to be the president of the largest food company. She is offered her inheritance which makes things difficult for the young girl with the old lady's family, especially her grandson. The acting in this is brilliant! Especially the autistic kid, you really would believe her was autistic. I was truly amazed.

    The King 2 Hearts: I recently started watching The King 2 Hearts without many expectations, but I am finding it to be enjoyable. There is never a dull moment, and it is so intense. It stars Ha Ji Won and Lee Seung Ki and these two work together brilliantly along with the rest of the cast to bring forward an amazing drama. It has tragedy, romance, comedy and focuses on South and North Korea's history. Kim Hang ah is a one of the best special force agents yet also very feminine. Lee Jae Ha is an arrogant prince but shows promising character that he'll turn out to be a great king. It's 20 episodes long but is one I would recommend.

    Others I enjoys and would recommend:

    Ikemen Desu Ne- Japanese version of You're Beautiful

    Hana Kimi- Japanese drama about a girl who transfers to a boys school hiding her gender to help get the boy she admires back into high jump. It's very funny. Also has a Korean version, To The Beautiful You, which I hear to be very good.

    Heartstrings has two stars from You're Beautiful in it, it's based in a university where both students major in music, one modern and the other traditional Korean. This is a good watch!

    Boys over Flowers also has Japanese and Taiwanese versions. It's about a girl who transfers to a rich school and gets on the wrong side of the F4, four rich, good looking boys who rule the school. But things change as she puts on a fight and they start developing more interest in her. This is many peoples favorite drama, it's quite entertaining.

    Panda and Hedgehog has a very sweet romance in it and revolves around a bakery shop. Stars Donghae from SuJu. There is also a bit of mystery in it. I really enjoyed it.

    Playful kiss stars Kim Hyun Joong from BOF. It's about a girl being interested in the smart, popular good looking boy at school but he turns her down. Things begin to change when she ends up living in her house. There is also a short YouTube version after this which is good to watch. Also has a Japanese and Taiwanese version.

    Flower Boy Ramyun Shop has a bit of a love triangle of people who begin to work in a raymun shop. Very enjoyable watch.

    Goong (Princess Hours) is about a girl who marries into the palace and a cold unemotional prince. It's a good one!

    Personal Taste stars Lee Min Ho from BOF. In this drama he pretends to be gay to move into a girls house he feels will help his business. Things become a bit complicated when they start developing feelings for each other.

    Mary Stayed out all Night stars Geun Suk from You're Beautiful. This is a great drama, I loved it! In this drama he keeps getting pulled into Mae Ri's troubles because her father wants her to have an arranged marriage.

    Glowing She is about a love triangle which revolves around a broadcasting company, one of which being a famous star.

    You are my pet- movie very cute movie staring Geun Suk!

    Full House is about a girl who gets swindled of everything she owns and a famous actor. They start living with each other and have a contracted marriage.

    Full House Take 2 is the sequel to Full House but they have completely different story lines. In this one Man Ok becomes Take One's stylist, but she has a very bad relationship with one member at first.

    Stars falling from the sky; at first the female lead is very annoying, but tragedy strikes and she matures as she has to look after her five adopted siblings. She ends up living in the house of the man who she has liked for five years. This is very good!

    K-POP Extreme Survival is very similar to You're Beautiful. It's about a girl who hides her gender and becomes a member of M2 Junior, who have a chance to become M2 members, a popular male idol group.

    Oh! My Lady is about a housewife who finds out a secret of a popular star, so she ends up living with him to help hide and from the public and they begin a strange relationship.

    I'm sorry if I suggested too many! But at least you have a good few to look at and decide what to watch. :) Have fun watching!

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    i'm a filipino yet i do agree that koreans produce greater suited dramas. Even there are no kissing scenes, korean dramas are exceptionally stable and romantic on an identical time as Teleseryes have an identical plot and casts persistently (and that i don't sense the chemistry between the two leads. The trailer and labeled classified ads a pair of particular sequence explains each thing and that i don't understand why they might desire to teach that. there is not any area of watching it anymore! The suspense isn't there... that is like their important objective isn't to offer a stable action picture however the longest (the longest is the main efficient: it rather is their motto i think) particular Philippines have super actors/actresses yet isn't it the plot that strikes the tale? And the tale is soooooo sooooo sooooo PREDICTABLE (in the top, the villain turns right into a psycho or a kidnapping experience will take place) (between the leads would be compelled to be with yet another person using fact of a risk etc.). Oh and that i additionally hate how organization conferences are portrayed in teleseryes. All they talk approximately are "shares" "rankings" "shares" "shareholders" "organization companions" etc. that is like the administrators understand not something with regard to the sphere (even scientific strategies! They do it incorrect) Watch Pinocchio and that i pay attention your Voice (korean drama) and notice how life like their portrayal of jobs are. What are you able to evaluate to "My Love from the action picture star"? Forevermore? LOL! it is not even stable i don't understand why that is puffed up. possibly using fact we've got not something to observe different than that? Psh. Sorry for the rant yet I would desire to state the actuality. in simple terms an opinion! :)

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    In my country they bring a lot of korean drama or so-called "koreanovela"

    here are the list I remember

    Coffee Prince

    Angels Temptation

    Temptaion of a Wife

    Jewel in the Palace


    Baker King

    Full House

    Lovers in Paris

  • 8 years ago


    playful kiss

    city hunter

    personal taste

    dream high 1 and 2

    protect the boss

    you're beautiful

    shut up! flower band

    myung wol the spy




    glowing she


    liar game


    hana yori dango

    hana kimi

    switch girl

    Yamato Nadeshiko Shichi Henge

    Mei-chan no Shitsuji

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    Gangnam style music video.


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