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Harry potter signed books?

looking for signed harry potter books for sale, by the author, all i can seem to find is, books signed by the artists and not Jk.

or first editons, i don't want a first edtion signed,

just signed. anyone know where i can find one?

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    No offence but tough! I'm not selling them because they are amazing! My dad and I went to the premiere of Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire and I have a photo of him and me! And the signed books are found on eBay and Amazon because my signed photograph of Leonardo DiCaprio is on there waiting to be sold! I think my dad has put my book of the Deathly Hallows up on eBay (which is signed) so go and have a look.

    Love from JoJo (Jordie)

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    My friend got the last book signed by jk Rowling.... Somewhere in Michigan I believe it was? It came with a case for the books signed by her... He said it was around $160.

    Source(s): I love Harry potter:D
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