How many cm long is this? Easy points!?

For school I am doing a timeline poster project. I need to have 10 dates on this. (i haveall my info) If the timeline is 41cm wide and I have 500 yrs to cover (1450-1950) how many cm per:

1 year?

10 years?

100 years?


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    1 year would mean 0.082 cm per year (WAY too small)

    10 years would mean 0.82 cm per 10 years (A little less than a cm per year)

    100 years would mean 8.2 cm per 100 years

    I would go with 50 year gaps so that you get 4.1 cm per section of 50 years (make exceptions to this as well, I mean if nothing significant happens for 100 years, then why would you add it, right?)

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