My yahoo email has been hacked?

There have been spam emails sent from my yahoo account.

How can I stop this?

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  • Liz
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    8 years ago
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    If your account is sending spam, you'll want to Change your Password immediately.

    If you have already changed your password, and your account is still sending spam, you will want to change your Alternate Email and your Security Questions and Answers.

    For more information on how to do this, and how to secure your account, use the link below:

    Source(s): I'm a Yahoo! Customer Care Employee
  • 8 years ago

    Change your Password and then Click on SHIFT-CTRL-DEL at the same time. Now leave the top box open and check all others reading each box you check and then DELETE. This will Clear errors before they start showing up. This may be over kill, but should be helpful to you. Place read.

    The following is for you to keep as a reference for future PC issues. Most email issues are with the WEB Browser(s) so try using another browser first, if you have one or if using windows try the following steps below. I have more suggestions for your PC, Disk Cleanup, Hard Drive and fixing errors, as well as some online safety tips about Bullying. Now understand, your web Browser is your front door and fixing it may show improvements after the first cleaning. Now let us clean the Web Browser, so open it now and if you have IE click Shift-CTRL- DEL at the same time and a MENU will pop-up DELETE BROWSEING HISTORY, uncheck the top box and check all others boxes, but read each of them and DELETE. HOW TO CLEAN OTHER WEB BROWSER(s), cache and cookies, the following link will show you a long list of browsers and steps to clean each:

    NOW YOUR PC, HOW TO REMOVE OLD FILES, HISTORY AND JUNK FROM INTERNET SURFING: Click on START, All Programs, review and click on first directory ACCESSORIES, look for SYSTEMS TOOLS and click on DISK CLEANUP, check all boxes and this will remove a lot of junk errors and files on the COMPUTER, now you need to repeat this a few times to get all of them. Now you will see a list of what you are cleaning. You should perform this a few times until, you are only seeing all “0” in all areas.

    HOW TO CLEAN UP PC HARD DRIVE: Now return to SYSTEM TOOLS but after "system tools" click on DESK DEFRAGMENTER, Set up a schedule works best. This should be run a few times per Month.

    Why De-fragmenting Hard Drive: Think of your HD as a book case, when loading new files they go anywhere the disk is open, creating spaces and with no true order slowing up your PC over time. The books like programs have no real order to them. By DEFRAGMENTING your HD it becomes easier for your PC to work. So the computer needs a workout program like above, once a Month. Your PC wants memory for (ROOM TO WORK) so it has time to find and fix, clean up errors, history, cookies and files no longer being used. Once complete reset by rebooting the hard drive. Once complete all of the books are put into order A to Z and 1 to 9 and cleared spaces.

    NEVER POST OR GIVE OUT YOUR EMAIL ADDRESS PHONE NUMBERS on a public site like ANSWERS. It can be picked up by advertisers, or Spammers or anyone else. FREE Email has Ads, so the only way out that I know of is to pay for a service to protect from SPAM. Other FREE Email accounts can be found here at, Google’s, Microsoft, has Hotmail and MSN, another free mail is service is ( ) has over 300 trailer names.

    Now a word about online BULLYING and about scammer(s) do not try to get even. Yahoo and all email companies, all banks and all companies in the entire world will NEVER ask for your password, pin or date of birth. No Exceptions Ever. "Yahoo email, spam and bulk mail" you will find questions from victims who have had their email address hi-jacked or spoofed by scammers sending out porn and Viagra spam. DO NOT BE A VICTIM. HOW TO STOP ONLINE BULLYING for Windows Users click here:

    To copy, click the code box and press "Ctrl + C" To paste the code, select the location on your site where you want to put the quiz, then press "Ctrl + V" Yahoo email is where you can forward such scam emails. Simply delete the scam mail. Always DELETE mail you have no idea who sent it: EDIT: One way you can report that email is by using this HELP DESK:

    Group Emails ISSUES: GETTING OR NOT GETTING EMAILS FROM YOUR GROUP: Go into your group and look on top for “EDIT MEMBERSHIP” and click go to bottom and look for part 2 Message Delivery. Select the one you want. Individual Email is the first. YAHOO HAS Some wonderful fun stuff, checkout YAHOO Groups at , So if you have or belong to a clubs, homeowners, and thousands of others it is all free. I have never found anything in cyberspace that is or has anything close to YAHOO, myself. Well I do like an Interactive Solar System, very nice and a lot of fun to study our Solar System. I also you will enjoy leaning from Learn from the experts at


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