Should I have sex with this girl or not?

K so I added this girl on fb. We met a few times like 8 yrs ago.

She wanted to meet up right away for a late night rendez vous.

I put her off since I'm a 28 yr old virgin. Who's gained weight and gone a little cross eyed since last we met. Oh and did I mention I have a less than average wiener? Quite less than average actually.

But she was so nice and sweet, sending nice mssgs and texts each day.

I cldn't believe how happy I felt when talking with her online.

I thought she really liked me.

But actually she let me know that I'm not all that funny, and really she just needs some good lovin. And by lovin I mean sex.

Something I have no experience at.

I was totally falling in love with this girl b4 she told me that. Damn.

Anyways I can't keep putting her off, I'm supposed to come over tomorrow night. So I bought myself all new clothes and scheduled a a haircut at a fancy salon 2morrow. trying to build my confidence.

Was planning to buy a sex toy too.

But you know I was just chatting w/her and the more I do the more I realize how very cynical and judgmental she really is. I would call her very sharp and judgmental in fact.

Damn I dunno what to do anymore.

I'm not getting any younger. She wants some lovin.

But she thinks I'm at least good and experienced, and not so fat, cross eyed and ..... inadequate.

What should I do?


Certainly I won't mention the umm shortcoming, but do u think I should mention some of my other concerns to her like should I tell her I'm still a V b4 I come over?

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  • 8 years ago
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    Ok do the hair cut thing and...

    Give her good oral and finger her the best! Stay up a while right now and watch some porn so you can see how they do It lol, but dont jack off cuz tomorrow it will be a bigger load. Also dont worry about **** size just start making out and go after her first! Undress her first if u want. Also dont let her *** so fast spread the time out a lil so she will feel more pleasure, make sure u get sex to tho OK?

    Also, only do it if u want to. But why not? Sex is enjoyable and u wont be a virgin any more!!! Yay! Lol

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  • 8 years ago

    Personally, I would take the chance. Don't worry about your penis size and be completely honest with her about who and what you are, just a regular guy. You being a virgin may be a turn on as well, who knows? It is for some women. Also, it really depends on how bad you want to lose your virginity versus wanting to have a special relationship. That's something you'll have to answer for yourself.

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