In the southwest, what is the outcome of competition between black bear, wolves, cougar and jaguar?

According to this article,, black bear, wolves, cougar and jaguar co-exist and possibly compete for food in the southwest desert. Where can I find more information on this particular matter? The re-introduction of the grizzly bear and certain ungulate population in that area would be comparable to African & Asian wildlife (especially India), because all have at least 5 large predators co-existing in one area, which we all know predators help keep a healthy ecosystem.

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    I live in the southwest. New Mexico north central,The jaguar population is nearly nonexistent as are the mexican wolves so they cannot be afforded any concern in this. Black bear are often seen in urban areas and some lions are to. The three top predators would be coyotes, lions and bears. Each has their own prey base and with the bears they tend to be more omnivorious than the felines. Competition is never a huge issue as each has their own prey base.

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