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His Excellency David Johnson in comparison to Her Excellency Jean as Governor General of Canada?

A picture of the current Governor General His Excellency Johnston

A picture of the immediately former Governor General Her Excellency Jean

I think Jean did far more for her office and put much more effort into meeting and talking to the peoples she was to represent than the current GG --

As an employee of the Queen and representative of the State in Canada in her absence I knew Jean would be hard to beat or come close to and that ANY person coming after her would have large shoes to fill

How does the current GG compare in your opinion to the immediately former GG ?

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    OMG.....yet another identify you use on here. At least now I know that all visitors to this site get the same level of annoyance about your senseless Canada questions and your Royalty fixation. You are at least an equal opportunity troll.

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