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Soul Silver In Game Team?

-I can get evolve pokemon that require trade

-No Legendary's

- Please also leave what moves to give


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    Choose Cyndaquil as your starter. He's gonna be your all-around attacker (Typhlosion has good Physical and Special Attack), so teach/let him learn:

    • Eruption

    • Solar Beam (this will counter his weakness to water)

    • Rollout

    • Sunny Day

    Next you shouold get a Spearow, you can get one on route 46 (North of route 29). It should know these moves by the end of the game:

    • U-Turn

    • Drill Peck/Aerial Ace

    • Fly

    • Steel Wing

    Mareep is the next Pokémon you should catch. It should know these by the end of the game:

    • Thunder Wave

    • Focus Blast

    • Signal Beam

    • Discharge/Thunder (Thunder is more powerful, but Discharge is more accurate)

    Next, catch a Wooper. Have it know these moves:

    • Earth Quake

    • Surf

    • Ice Beam

    • Waterfall

    If you know how to get an Eevee, make sure you get one. If not, go to Ecruteak City, then go into the Pokémon Center there. A guy named Bill will come talk to you, saying that he's going back to Goldenrod to see his family. Then go go Goldenrod city, (make sure you have enough room in your party) and go inside the house that's kind of by the West-most entrance of the Underground Mall, and Bill will give you a level 5 Eevee (I know it's a pain). Turn your Eevee into an Umbreon by making it happy during the nighttime (walk with it, make sure it doesn't faint in a battle, etc.). Anyway, Umbreon should know these, since he's an all-around tank:

    • Faint Attack

    • Moonlight

    • Toxic

    • Confuse Ray

    You're going to get a Dratini in Blackthorn City. After you beat the Gym Leader, go to the cave up North. Find a Dojo-looking house thing and go inside. There will be a guy there, and he'll ask you some questions. MAKE SURE you answer them "nicely" (choose the ones that you think make a good trainer). You should then get a level 15 Dratini (another pain, because that's the last stop before Victory Road). Before you start training it, make sure it knows the move "ExtremeSpeed." By the end of the game, it should know that move, along with:

    • Dragon Rush

    • Brick Break

    • Fire Punch

    Good Luck, and I hope this helped! Sorry if it was confusing. C:

    Source(s): I have HeartGold
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