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I have a question: I have a character that has Dissociative Disorder and he is Narrating the story. but when he splits into his one of his personalities I have to us another Narrator is this possible? Can I use the split personality person to tell the story. And if that's the case is it considered the same character or a different character?

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    There are a number of literary books which have been told by different narrators or personalities, so it is certainly permissible, though not common, to use different characters to tell the story within the same novel. One of the most famous examples is by William Faulkner, who wrote "The Sound and the Fury" --


    The Sound and the Fury ... centers on the Compson family, former Southern aristocrats who are struggling to deal with the dissolution of their family and its reputation. ....The novel is separated into four distinct sections. The first, April 7, 1928, is written from the perspective of Benjamin "Benjy" Compson, a 33-year-old man with severe mental handicaps. Benjy's section is characterized by a highly disjointed narrative style with frequent chronological leaps. The second section, June 2, 1910, focuses on Quentin Compson, Benjy's older brother, and the events leading up to his suicide. In the third section, April 6, 1928, Faulkner writes from the point of view of Jason, Quentin's cynical younger brother. In the fourth and final section, set a day after the first, on April 8, 1928, Faulkner introduces a third person omniscient point of view. The last section primarily focuses on Dilsey, one of the Compson's black servants. Jason is also a focus in the section, but Faulkner presents glimpses of the thoughts and deeds of everyone in the family.


    Source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Sound_and_the_Fur...

    This is an ideal way to introduce dramatic irony into a story, as one narrator will know things that another narrator does not.

    It is important that you make the two narrative "voices" seem distinct, so that the reader knows when the "alternate personality" is telling the story.

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    I think that would be really cool to tell the story with the characters different personalities. It would be the same character if you want it to be. Unless said character takes on a compleettlleeyyyy different personality, eg; name, age, gender etc. but depends on how you write it, it could be amazingly cool.

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